Sunday, December 11, 2005

the shiv sena splits!

I never thought I'd defile my blog with a mention of these jokers, but since Jay has already done my sacred space that dishonour, I may as well say my piece.If you notice (people who know me well will have), I've not capitalized the first alphabets of the words in my title. Whenever I write, I capitalize whatever I think is of significance, such as the words Mom, God etc. That is an honour reserved for people I deem important. The reverse has also been equally true, but hitherto only in thought. The fact that I am practising it for the first time today will give you an indication of the kind of disregard I have for the subject of this post!

The reason I choose to mention the sena now is because of the recent split that’s been making news. It’s made me happy to see that the gang (I refuse to acknowledge them as a political party) that has been united under myriad pretexts of mee mumbaikar, marathi manus etc., is being split down the middle! And yes, as some of you may feel by now, I’m not one of those who have any qualms about not kicking a man when he’s down.

For a couple of decades now, the so-called sena has been making life miserable for people living in Bombay. South Indians, UP-ites, Biharis, Bangladeshi illegal immigrants, Muslims, Christians... The only people they seem to have left alone were the Gujratis & the Sindhis. And that because they owned the mills and other businesses that employed their Marathi worker support base. And for those of you who believe that their antics didn’t make life miserable for the Maharashtrians, I quote a Mr. Pawar, ex-armyman and now small time businessman. Mr. Pawar believes the sena has destroyed an entire generation of Marathi youth. He claims that an entire generation has gotten used to not working traditional 9-5 jobs, but instead earning their upkeep by living off sena handouts that come from stoning cinemas, buses, overturning cars and beating up journalists & editors! A whole generation!!! So much for them being friends of Maharashtra!

It’s this point that I want to expand upon. The sena was never meant for Maharashtrians! All that was a ploy for one megalomaniac to gain & retain power. The recent split brings this out very clearly. raj thakerey who was the more charismatic of the next generation leaders (read more vocal of the rabble rousers), has been given the short shrift in favour of much maligned dynastic rule.

Hopefully, their support base will wake up now and realize that there is only one agenda to the sena. The same as all political parties have; fill your coffers-remain in power-fill more in your coffers; give non-immediate members of the clan the heave ho (chagan bhujbal, narayan rane and now raj) despite their popularity in order to retain control.

Hopefully this is going to turn out the way all of sensible India has been hoping. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the sena.

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