Thursday, February 28, 2008

temporarily available on the Mutiny

So the Mutiny is taking up most of my time, eh...? Worry not dear reader. Just giving back to the Mutiny. They're a bunch of wonderful people (most anyway) & they deserve our support.

Here's my latest original post for them. No crossposting! :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Jodhaa-Akbar" review

I'd told Chacko once that I may not be able to find time to write a post solely for the Mutiny, but fate had willed otherwise.

So my first original work for Mutiny lies here.

Do let us know your thoughts.

As an aside, I have been struggling to find like minded people for quite some time in my new city. That didn't happen, but through the Internet, I chanced upon some wonderful folks at the Mutiny.
And also thanks to some commentors on that site, my eyes have also been opened to the abundance of anti-national elements in my India. These are the people that could potentially engineer India's downfall. They must be stopped. Join us in the fight to save India.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jaldi 5!!!

Another 5 posts in one day!!! Though I'm getting better productivity-wise, I just hope that I'm not sacrificing too much style for substance...!

So here are the posts that made up my second 5 wicket haul:
This is me at my controversial, iconoclastic best!

Monday, February 11, 2008

What's there to be proud of???

It's such a shame that something like this happens in India!!!

We have bastards arguing that Indian culture & religion ought to be preserved, and NO ONE to champion these causes!

To think that narendra modi (my fingers cringe as I type out his name) is the hero of Gujaratis instead of men like Keshav...

To think people from Gujarat caught a train to Bombay to watch Fanaa, but no one will catch a train to go to Surat & protest in front of the police station or the court until justice is done!!!


Hats off to Nana Patekar (& the lyricist & the filmmaker) for having the balls to mouth those immortal lines:
Sau mein se ninyanve beimaan,
Phir bhi mera desh mahaan!
(99% of the people are dishonest,
Yet... my country is great!)

I present a line from a previous post here to illustrate why I am so frustrated. "No one seems to mind when Indians litter, spit, defecate, piddle etc on roads". What is more frustrating is that all the noise in the country is about relative non-issues! Whether it's the politicians or their misguided common man.

We need a movement that focuses on the real issues. So here's calling all real Indians to unite & form active groups in their cities & towns to focus on the real issues. Any ideas?

NDTV's "We the People"

I'm more an Internet addict than a TV buff, but sometimes I do catch a few programmes on the telly. One show that caught my eye was the recent debate on our National icons.
I SO wanted to participate because expectedly I have strong (not to mention enlightened & progressive) views on the subject. :-D

(On one ocassion in the past, I'd found the anchor to be slightly opinionated, but on this show she was much better.)

I thank the show for introducing me to Harish Salve! And the likes of Amit Varma, Jaideep Sahni, etc.

Think about this:
For everything that happens in India, some idiot somewhere will object. Sample these:
Shriya Saran wears a lovely dress to an award function for her film! And HMK from Tamil Nadu has to take offence!
Tendulkar cuts a cake with the national flag on it & someone decides that it calls for an objection!
Sania wears skirts, some jokers object!
Vikram Chauhan refuses to stand for the National Anthem & he gets lynched in a Bombay theatre!
Sania puts her feet up on a table that has the Indian flag on it, and someone from Tirupati & Bhopal has to object!
You target Sania and someone somewhere will take offence, saying that she's being targeted because she's got a name that gives away her community.
And if you say THAT, someone somewhere will again, take offence!

WTF are we so easily offended about everything? Why can't we be more like the West (in this respect) here? You can burn the flag in America, you can show women wearing knickers made out of the Union Jack in British Comedies, Mel Brooks can parody Moses & Jesus both in one film & not invite censure, The Da Vinci Code can depict the Opus Dei in a monstrous light and yet not be banned as a book or movie. Why all the fuss in India??? Do the people actually care so much? Are they even that tuned in to the news? Or is it the political parties that need to be blamed for leading our people astray?

Now consider this: All these people who are in the eye of a storm for apparent disrespect to national icons, Indian culture etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. , are SOMEBODY! And those people who object, are nobodies!
Think about what this means. And about how much attention we should pay to these nobodies.

Consider this too. Harish, Jaideep, Amit etc. were standing up for the right of the common Indian to freedom of expression, to individual freedom. They're all educated men, achievers who deserve to have an opinion. MORE than I can say about a Smriti Irani! Who by the way found Sania's faux pax the most offensive!

I would like to give Amit Varma a STANDING OVATION for his unshakeable belief in his right to say things the way he sees fit. This man is truly Superman! He has balls of steel!

Harish Salve echoed the sentiments of every true Indian when he said that our nation & our constitution are insulted everyday in our country. No one seems to mind when Indians litter, spit, defecate, piddle etc on roads. No one seems to catch the ordinary citizen peeing on a wall that is painted in the colours of the flag by a party seeking election. And no one seems to consider that the very same nobodies who object to everything, could be the guilty of the very same things I just listed above!
Is anyone watching them???

my friend, the right-winger

A very very close friend of mine, is like me in many many ways. Except in his support of the bjp. This one is for him...

While I have referenced to one piece in my last post, the following is a list of articles written not by me, but by prominent men whose unbiased credentials can't be easily disputed.

Here's one by a former intelligence operative, a Kashmiri Pandit, whose rights the bjp ostensibly fights for. "Dhar's record makes it clear that notwithstanding all the refutations of Sangh Parivar leaders, they had planned the demolition of the Babri Masjid in great detail". Read more here.

This one is not really meant for him as he is more bjp than rss, but I humbly request the sanjay's, smartopinion's, mad mullah's, chirag's, amit's etc. to read through it with an open mind. Some may want to instantly label it rubbish & untrue, but it's worth examining as another point of view.

Here's another expose from the UK.

And this one. Scroll down to the third article & read it to the very end before jumping to any conclusions. Now it's very possible to dismiss this one as it appears on an Indian Muslims website instead of a more credible source, but just in case it's true...

Your comments please.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Could the rss be a CIA stooge...?

It's possible...

To begin with, what are their contributions to India's freedom movement? To my knowledge, there is only one Hindutva proponent who was involved in the freedom struggle & that was a much marketed, rather iffy Sarvarkar. And this isn't only my view. Here is another section that lends credence to my belief.

I'd heard the allegation before that the rss was a CIA stooge, but had then summarily dismissed the claim as a baseless conspiracy theory. Of late however, I've been paying more attention to their history & current affairs, and somehow things point to something very sinister...
The rss & it's cohorts by other names are constantly working at keeping India internally unstable. First the Harijans, then the Muslims, then the Dalits again, then Muslims again, then harassing the Christians from time to time as well; creating & keeping the instability intact, the way it always has been.
This internal instability, this infighting is what kept India from ever becoming a globe conquering nation. And that is exactly what will keep us back now, thanks to efforts of the sangh parivar.

So who benefits from keeping India from becoming a global superpower? Maybe the current superpowers? Somehow things are beginning to add up. I may be wrong, totally wrong, but it's seeming increasingly possible to me...

CIA stooge... the words keep playing in my head...