Monday, February 11, 2008

What's there to be proud of???

It's such a shame that something like this happens in India!!!

We have bastards arguing that Indian culture & religion ought to be preserved, and NO ONE to champion these causes!

To think that narendra modi (my fingers cringe as I type out his name) is the hero of Gujaratis instead of men like Keshav...

To think people from Gujarat caught a train to Bombay to watch Fanaa, but no one will catch a train to go to Surat & protest in front of the police station or the court until justice is done!!!


Hats off to Nana Patekar (& the lyricist & the filmmaker) for having the balls to mouth those immortal lines:
Sau mein se ninyanve beimaan,
Phir bhi mera desh mahaan!
(99% of the people are dishonest,
Yet... my country is great!)

I present a line from a previous post here to illustrate why I am so frustrated. "No one seems to mind when Indians litter, spit, defecate, piddle etc on roads". What is more frustrating is that all the noise in the country is about relative non-issues! Whether it's the politicians or their misguided common man.

We need a movement that focuses on the real issues. So here's calling all real Indians to unite & form active groups in their cities & towns to focus on the real issues. Any ideas?


  1. OK, count me in.That's 2 to begin with, if you're in. What would you have me do in this city?
    My credentials?
    Taught humanity, secularism, nationalism, etc. rolled up with whatever subject I taught for 22 yrs.
    Still blab to whoever will lend me an ear.
    For the past 6/7 yrs have been speaking up to people who spit on the roads.I feel like asking them how they can bear to spit on the face of 'Mother India', but experience has taught me that they respond better, if you join your hands, & say, 'Bhaisa'ab, do you mind if I say something to you?' When I get their permission, I simply tell them:'Main haath jod kar aap se vinti karti hoon ke aap thooka na karein. Is se gandagi aur bimari phailti hai.' When they nod sheepishly, I add;'Aur please aap doosron ko bhi bataein'
    Mostly I get away with this because I'm old, deceptively gentle, & a lady, I think, but beware...a few of them are belligerent. You must say it in such a way as not to bruise the self-respect of someone who hasn't been taught that spitting is bad, in the first place!

  2. I am fairly new to this blog (and currently out of India) but allow me to voice out:

    Presuming 100 have viewed this post, only 1 commented so far:

    Sau logon ne ye post pada
    Sirf ek ne aapka saath diya

  3. Thanks indica.

    Does your comment make it 2 out of the presumed 100...? :-)
    The presumed 100 is a very high figure. I'd be surprised if this post got 30 views. I can check in sitemeter.

    Anyway, can I remind you of:

    "Boond Boond kar ke Sagar bannta hai"? :-)

  4. PS: indica, do send more of your friends over. I'll get more feedback & we may develop a small community of like minded people?

  5. Little drops of water
    Little grains of sand
    Make the mighty ocean
    And the pleasant land :)

    I do not have many friends, however, will do what I can.

  6. Exactly!
    And you don't need many friends. You just need a few good ones!

  7. I am just browsing through your blog, feel like I am reading my own thoughts, agree with whatever I have read till now...


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