Sunday, February 10, 2008

Could the rss be a CIA stooge...?

It's possible...

To begin with, what are their contributions to India's freedom movement? To my knowledge, there is only one Hindutva proponent who was involved in the freedom struggle & that was a much marketed, rather iffy Sarvarkar. And this isn't only my view. Here is another section that lends credence to my belief.

I'd heard the allegation before that the rss was a CIA stooge, but had then summarily dismissed the claim as a baseless conspiracy theory. Of late however, I've been paying more attention to their history & current affairs, and somehow things point to something very sinister...
The rss & it's cohorts by other names are constantly working at keeping India internally unstable. First the Harijans, then the Muslims, then the Dalits again, then Muslims again, then harassing the Christians from time to time as well; creating & keeping the instability intact, the way it always has been.
This internal instability, this infighting is what kept India from ever becoming a globe conquering nation. And that is exactly what will keep us back now, thanks to efforts of the sangh parivar.

So who benefits from keeping India from becoming a global superpower? Maybe the current superpowers? Somehow things are beginning to add up. I may be wrong, totally wrong, but it's seeming increasingly possible to me...

CIA stooge... the words keep playing in my head...


  1. Hmmm I don't fully agree.. sounds like a very vague conspiracy theory.. why would CIA want its stooge to attack christians?

  2. I know it's mostly a vague conspiracy theory Balu. That's why I've issued some kind of a disclaimer towards the end. My point is what if there is a slim chance of it being true...?

    As for why the CIA would wanna kill Christians, I don't think the CIA is a religiously motivated institution at all! It may itself have killed scores of Christians (among others) for purely political/economic purposes!

    That is, if we are to believe the books & movies that we grew up on! :-)


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