Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Hinduism I know

Like I stated earlier, the Internet is overflowing with communal outpourings and facist propoganda! The fact that the web allows one to publish stuff that no self respecting newspaper or daily would carry is a boon for raving maniacs. It is dangerous as wel,l as it has the ability to influence minds, young & old alike. More so in a country like India where people are only beginning to become literate & are positively unaware of the unreliability of the information available on the net!

I am providing links here to some of the more grisly comments that some posts have attracted in recent times. Go through these & be shocked at the kind of India we live in! Nothing in school or college or even work life prepared us for this shock. Did you realize that the person walking next to you on the road could possibly be one of the commentors on these posts? Somebody at work maybe?

We were taught not to discuss religion while we were growing up. We were told that it is impolite & in bad taste. And above all that it was personal. So despite the urgings of the sabziwala, the train companion, the new friend in school & college, I stoutly refused to answer any questions or indulge in any conversations pertaining to religion.

Until I realized recently that the only way we can live harmoniously is through better understanding achieved through dialogue. My friend Chacko too made that mistake. And LOOK where that landed us...!!!

Dialogue with who??? Who are these people that we are trying to talk sense into? You & I have grown up reading English Literature and therefore don't have a problem accepting their culture or religious choices. We grew up reading Amar Chitra Katha editions on the lives of Jesus, Buddha & Ram. So we don't have a problem accepting that culture or religion either.
The newspapers we read, the magazines we read, were the likes of the Indian Express, Outlook & Reader's Digest. Respectable journalism, neutral writing went into making us the tolerant forward looking Indians we became.

So who are these "other" people? What did they read while they were growing up? panchjanya sapthik??? And if they did read what we read, how come they turned out so different??? Who is to blame for corrupting a young mind? Who is to blame for creating hate-filled, pro-violence creatures from humans???

I have ranted enough. Here are the links to the comments that I am speaking of. See for yourself & judge.

See how the comment forum of a secular thinkers indictment of modi was corrupted by baseless propaganda!

This one is a set of slightly saner responses, but the strong indoctrination & factually incorrect view of history is evident in some of the comments.

& more defilers here...

It does seem to point to education & exposure doesn't it? If not that what else is it?
I am quoting a prominent Indian here, one obviously more qualified than the rabid-ranters I provided links to above. This gentleman is qualified, educated & has the kind of understanding & view-point that a only an open, tolerant mind can develop. In light of the previous comments you read above, please read what he has to say on Swami Vivekananda. And do please note the difference in his viewpoint & shourie's nonsensical propoganda!

This one should rank as one of the best short essays on tolerance & secularism. Do help in popularizing it.

God Bless the CJ.


  1. Why would you think I'm riled up? Whatever you're smoking, must be really good. Either that, or you have a hyperactive imagination. :D

  2. Hey Amit. Welcome back.

    So you've decided to drop the veneer of civility that you started with on the I've Learnt post?

    I smoke cheap tobacco actually. I don't know what that does to one's thinking. Do you? Or was that just a statement from someone who doesn't have the required experience to comment?

    As for hyperactive imaginations, it's better to have an imagination than not have one. I am happy with the fact that the electricity that powers your computer & the servers that power your Internet, the Internet itself, was a result of someone's hyperactive imagination.
    Call them fools if you like, but it's them that the world will remember mate.

    I'm truly interested in knowing what your unique stance in this world is? Or like you stated earlier, you have no stance on anything at all? No opinion on anything? Doesn't look like it. So out with it. C'mon, let's hear it!


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