Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Male Today!

The ads at Delhi airport for the Mail Today are very apt. The positioning couldn't be more apt! Imagine a naked picture of a gay man, back view (send me one if you can find one; I'll put it up here!). Then the copy: Less Length, Less Breadth, More Depth! Male Today!

That's exactly what this new fangled tabloid is from the first glance I got at it. A disease of today's times. No focus on truthful reporting, trying to sell through sensationalisation.

There's this absolute ***** who writes for their b*llyw**d section, called kavita awaasthi. I read two articles by her & came away none the richer. There was nothing in them. Except bile. A lot of bile. The way she waded into Manisha Koirala, the way she was bitching about Aishwarya, made me jump to only 1 conclusion. She has a problem with women that heterosexual men find mouthwateringly delicious! God alone knows why.

One thing I've learnt from reading her crap is that I will tone down my rants. Getting personal is in very bad taste! I will avoid these two pitfalls if possible. Because whether or not I know what good writing is about, I now definitely know what bad writing is about.

The good thing is that both she & the paper she writes for are unknowns. Let's keep it that way! A la Jade Goody: make them disappear fast from public memory.

And to think that this is an offering from the India Today group!! Kisika bharosa nahi raha!


  1. Even Aaj Tak is an India Today offering, btw :-)

  2. what's your e-mail id? add me on gtalk - itsandil@gmail.com

  3. It really is strange... And to think that Aaj Tak recently won some kind of award...! What shit is going on in our country man???

    Check this out:

    These media houses... I really wish the blogosphere quickly becomes an overpowering force. How much that will help I don't know. Unless there are laws to govern their behaviour. But even that can change with Govts. Is there no hope at all???


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