Sunday, January 20, 2008


For the first time today, this blog has been updated with 5 new posts! 6 if you include this one!

I'm more surprised (even a little worried about Internet addiction) than kicked, and am providing links to each of the posts lest my beloved readers miss them!

Here they are:
Sports snippets
Tennis Update
Bollywood's two sides
King Roger v/s Pistol Pete
Sania... and a gloat!

ENJOY!!! And do let me know if you did!


  1. Cool ... this is great stuff 1con. How do you get so much time to set these 6 blogs a day record ?

    I am sure these must have been at the expense of some paid office hours :)

    Good job dude !

  2. Thanx Ume$h.

    Don't be so sure! It's simple really. I don't work Saturdays anymore! That explains the ample amount of time I get on the weekend. :-)

    And will you please let me know what you think about the individual posts, instead of leaving a generic snide comment?


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