Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bombay ka khula balatkar!!!

The incident outside the gates of JW Marriott on New Year's Eve is to my mind the gangrape of Bombay. Bombay was a safe haven for girls. It was a city where they could have some innocent fun without feeling threatened. But on that night, as Bombay prepared to enter the New Year, she was gangraped!!!

What a terrible start to 2008!

In response to HT's question from yesterday:

Yes. Bombay is becoming another Delhi. While there's always been a Delhi influx into our city, I wonder if it has now reached critical mass! Also, could this be a socio-economic situation? Previously poor, still illiterate Indians, now flushed with disposable incomes, leading to booze fueled molesting sessions? This needs some social research (Tata Institute of Social Work, VV Giri Institute?). And it needs some very stern judicial measures! 50 lashes maybe!

Also, if this makes the sons of the soil wake up & do something... This wasn't the case when the name was still Bombay.

While I'm no HT fan, Kudos to the HT photographers.

Others who have blogged about this despicable incident:

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