Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tennis Update

Cilic beat Gonzalez in 4 sets. Just as I predicted.

Tipsarevic is giving Fedex a hard time, but I'm fairly certain that the World No. 1 will wake up soon enough to triumph. The young boy is good though. Stretching Federer is good enough for most people!

Update @ 3:46 PM IST: Federer pulls it off in a 5 setter. The day belonged to young Tipsy though! Federer is expected to come through. He is a champion, he's probably going to set records that'll not be broken for decades, Agassi rates him as the "Best Ever"! But Tipsy made the day his own. He's the only one in recent memory to make Roger Federer scurry all around court like a mere mortal. Agreed that Fedex wan't at his best, but this kind of stretching of King Roger doesn't exist in recent memory!

And if Sania does manage to pull off a miracle upset over Venus Williams, it'll be a huge day for Indian sport! If the Indian cricket team wins as well, double celebrations!

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