Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bollywood's two sides

Aamir's supremacy:

I've always maintained that Aamir Khan is the best actor of his generation. And if weren't for the malleability of the media, he would've been universally acknowledged as such.

With TZP Aamir debuted as director. Coupled with the theme he chose, the child star he picked, there were quite a few firsts involved. He was doing things he had never done before. And came up the way he has always done before: Triumphant!

And without the help of media machinations!

Wherever I look, whatever I read, whichever channel I watch, all I hear is praise for TZP. Not one soul has said anything negative about the movie.

In comparison, the apparent success of that OSO-sorry-a-film, was forcefed down our throats! No one seemed to mention that in the UK, DDD Goal made more money than this out & out commercial venture. I picked this tidbit off a solitary news channel, God Bless their souls & may their tribe increase!

Aamir has a history of successes with first-time or little known directors. In comparison, SRK fails even with established directors!

How then is srk the King of Bollywood??? (Commercially speaking, I've heard that Akshay Kumar currently charges more than anyone else in Bollywood?)

Aamir is the true King. And long after their careers are over, & the media has no incentive to back the pretender, Aamir's body of work will establish him as the undisputed King.


Sajid's stupidity:

In response to this, I have the following to say to Sajid Khan:

Sajid... If Hey Baby made more money than VVC's earlier films, it's partly because the times in which you have begun to make movies are more expensive times.
Also people today have higher disposable incomes.
Thirdly, the money a film makes isn't the greatest barometer of a film's worth. Every initial Govinda-David Dhawan film was a big grosser. Doesn't make them works of art.

Lastly, the difference between the likes of VVC & Govind Nihalani and a you is that, Tum log kiranewale ho, woh log artists hain. You're in it for the money, they're in it for good cinema. You're dancers on a kotha, they're part of the bolshoi ballet.

To each his own, like you eloquently began, touting democracy & freedom of speech.


  1. well said
    I completely agree with you

  2. Thanks Anon. May I encounter more people like you than the jokers I generally bump into!

  3. Now that is something I completely see eye=to-eye with you . There are times when I am completely speechless , there are times when it aches , physically . And that Sajid Khan comment really rocked man . Good job . Keep kicking ass .


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