Monday, January 14, 2008

1conoclast's World Peace Awards

With the Internet offering the anonymity that the real world doesn't offer, I often find in my wanderings on the net, a plethora of communal or racist outpourings. Needless to say that these rabid rants are anonymous. It pains the heart immensely to read all that drivel.

Yet, there are people (and views) on the net that gladden the heart and bring back one's faith in human goodness.

It is to honour & celebrate such people and views that I am instituting the 1conoclast's World Peace Award. This will be an annual award & here are the winners of the first edition:

1conoclast's World Peace Award 2007 goes to:

Mukesh Adhvaryu

Amidst the ethnic hatred and religious madness that caught on in some sections of Indian society, Mukesh manages to keep a clear head and is unswayed by the extermism on either side. Just because of this is why he wins the 2007 Award.

The other close contenders were:

Citizens for Peace because for a million reasons. Actually I would've liked them to win the Award but Mukesh's achievement is that he is solo as opposed to the plethora of intellectuals that abound on Citizens for Peace, and that should count for something.
Indian Muslims Blog for presenting progressive, balanced, brave & fair points of view through their blog.
Knownturf, because of it's brilliant analysis of issues that impair peace here, here and here.
Zigzackly because of it's support to a million noble causes.

God Bless the winner & the runner's up; may your tribe increase...


  1. 1conoclast,

    Thanks for the link.

    The URL for Mukesh's comment is not working, you may want to update it with:


  2. prize mein humko kuch nahin milega?
    chocolate bhi nahin milega?

  3. Mohib, you're most welcome. Have fixed the link. Hopefully it should work.

    Annie, for this kind of a prize, isn't a mention
    enough? ;-)


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