Friday, January 11, 2008

Leave Sania alone!

This one was lying in the drafts folder for some time, but recent events have forced me to complete it.

What is wrong with people around the world? What gives them this bloated sense of self importance? Who are they to demand, ask, criticize another person? Specially one that has so obviously and honestly achieved more than they ever will!

Sania Mirza is a 21 year old girl for God's sake! She is a young girl who is doing more than other girls of her age do. She isn't hanging around college canteens achieving precious little. She's been working harder than most men (and women) who are criticizing her. She is bringing her country (primarily) & community (secondarily) into the limelight. She's making money & spending it all on getting better. Coaches like Tony Roche don't come cheap!

This girl is India's pride. She is representative of young, emerging India. She should be lauded, protected, encouraged, not pulled down the way some jokers are doing! Can we please file a PIL against anyone who tries to pull this kid down? Maybe the AITA & Globosport can do that. After all, they'd only be defending the interests of their player!

Let's count the number of controversies this youngster has pointlessly been dragged into:

A section of radical Muslims targetted Sania for wearing short skirts; exposing clothing which apparently brings disrepute to their version of community. Now I don't understand Islam very well, but Islam was never meant to be hard & fast about anything. Islam is purported to be one of the most practical religions. I have heard that Islam went to the extent of advising it's followers to hide their religion if it meant that their lives were under threat. With that kind of practicality, why can't a tennis player wear clothing that is acceptable in her area of work. This is my viewpoint. I believe that the people targetting her do not have the deep understanding that Islam desired of them.
I have a couple of questions to ask these radicals:
Would you rather have Sania Mirza being known as an Indian Muslim, Modern Muslim, Muslim Achiever or would you rather that people continue to have poor images of Indian Muslims. As ultra-conservative, regressive, underachievers? Don't put so much pressure on her that she cannot achieve more & do her community the service that she is doing.
If these radicals are so concerned about the image of Muslims, why don't they focus on the Muslims who beg. Why don't they teach them & get them jobs? Why don't they get them cleaned up? Get them off drugs?
Why don't they rush to cover up a poor beggar woman who is lying practically naked on the railway platform, who will in all probably be raped every night by people wanting to take advantage of her plight/mental condition? What if she is a poor muslim beggar? Forget muslim, what would these radicals do? Would they try & save her? Probably not. In the interest of practicality maybe? Then they shouldn't hound Sania anymore. Please.

Sania's views on pre-marital sex:
Leave her alone. She's a product of a young India. Also, she's allowed to make as many mistakes as children in any family make. You & I are not perfect. Why should she be expected to be? As long as she turns out OK in the long run, everyone will be happy. Anyway, she's not answerable to you & me. She'll be judged like you & I will be. You keep your hands off her.

Her Dr. getting threats for treating her &
the Mecca Masjid Controversy:
All this is giving muslims all over a bad name. Marat Safin & his sister Darina are Russian Muslim tennis players. They're not pulled up for anything by anyone. Why not? Are Russian muslims more evolved than Indian muslims? Are Indian muslims not concerned with the Safins? Why? Or is just that they don't even know about the existence of the Safins? They're targetting what they know & can see, and can target. The Russians don't give a rat's arse about what they think! So one can safely surmise that Sania too should just not care!!!

National Flag controversy:
Anyone who knows anything about tennis or even sport knows that entering tournaments earns the players money, while entering competitions like the Davis & Hopman Cup, where one plays for one's country & not the money, is done for national pride.
Sania plays the Hopman Cup, plays hard & gets us victories. No one clamours for giving her an award or compensation for the potential financial losses she endured to play for her country. The Bhopali soorma & the liar from Tirupati are both unknowns. They're using Sania to gain a little importance in their respective districts. Maybe it will help their business. Or if there is any truth to the Karma concept, they will lose whatever little business they have anyway. Hey! What an idea! Hit them where it hurts! Their names have been published in the newspapers. Let's all blog about & call for a total boycott of their services for wasting Sania's time, the court's time, newsprint & our time as well! Let's ask the citizens from their hometowns to boycott their services totally until they apologize!!! This should work!
Why did these two jokers not congratulate Sania for her Hopman Cup service? Because they're ignorant. Sania is a potential Olympic medal hope! Can't they see that? This will only distress her & allow her to lose focus. They should apologize & back her unconditionally!

What do these guys want? Do they want her to fail for a more sinister reason?
Do they want her to get frustrated with India & leave her country to live elsewhere like many many other tennis players do?

Can the radical Muslims for a moment not consider this: Sania may have been born into a muslim family, but what if she isn't a muslim by faith. Being muslim is about following the religion. What if she doesn't want to follow the faith she was born into or any religion for that matter? What is she believes that her work is her worship & that she will be judged by her service to her fellow-men, her countrymen? Like I said earlier, who are we do judge? We are mere human beings like her, & definitely not greater than her!

Can the uber-nationalists consider a scenario where Sania gets totally frustrated with us takyanoosi Indians & decides to migrate to Florida, change her nationality & play for the U.S.? Win Olympic medals for the U.S. & not us?

Please leave the girl alone. She has much to give to all of us. Let's sit back & enjoy what she has to offer. And pray for her success!

Note: Ideas that will help us protect this young girl who has made India proud are highlighted in red. Please feel free to use/implement/propogate them.


  1. excellent writeup, I think silent majority need to speak up and defend our heroes.

    Sania is entitled to her opinion on any issue, and she can wear what she is comfortable in wearing. If I defend the right for a girl in Hijab to compete then a girl in skirt, if she feels comfortable, should also be allowed to wear her skirt.

    All attempts to protest her wear, words, and action is actually a way to get cheap publicity and media loves controversies.

    Obviously court case is a serious business that should be reported but fatwas which have no legal basis and coming from unknown people should be ignored.

  2. Thanks Kashif! Do send more support our way man!


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