Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Jodhaa-Akbar" review

I'd told Chacko once that I may not be able to find time to write a post solely for the Mutiny, but fate had willed otherwise.

So my first original work for Mutiny lies here.

Do let us know your thoughts.

As an aside, I have been struggling to find like minded people for quite some time in my new city. That didn't happen, but through the Internet, I chanced upon some wonderful folks at the Mutiny.
And also thanks to some commentors on that site, my eyes have also been opened to the abundance of anti-national elements in my India. These are the people that could potentially engineer India's downfall. They must be stopped. Join us in the fight to save India.


  1. As I said elsewhere, my thoughts on one of the great Mughals are here:


  2. Hi indica~,

    (Is that your car?)

    So we agree then?

    You might also like to visit ashodara.blogspot.com if you like great secular kings of India.

  3. Acc to taxonomy, in Latin,
    indica is a species of India. I am that.
    I have a Nissan Pathfinder.
    Thank you for the link to ashodara. Seems interesting, so will go through it asap.

  4. I thought you could've used firstname indica as in mangifera indica... :-)
    tamarindus indicus maybe?


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