Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bastard Indian Copycats!!!

The one reason why I love Hollywood movies so much & have so much contempt for everything Bollywood is this: Creativity in Mainstream Indian Cinema is Dead. All these so-called Big Banners do is COPY! And they do it so unabashedly. They don't even feel shame at proclaiming themselves as being in the Creative Arts! This is largely the brand of Indian that walks the Earth today: A Lying, Cheating, Unembarrassed Scumbag!

If this post gets read, I'm sure it will ruffle a few feathers, but I dare anyone to prove me wrong. I've heard generalizations are inaccurate (and I agree), but when I say largely I know for a fact that I'm right. Here's a list of why I think so:

Almost every single superhit movie in the past couple of years is aped from the West. Here are a few examples:

The "respectable" Yashraj banner:
Darr: copied from Cape Fear
Hum Tum: copied from When Harry met Sally
Salaam Namaste: copied from 9 Months
Dhoom: copied from The Fast & the Furious
Bunty & Babli: copied from Bonnie & Clyde
The storylines where altered imperceptibly, changing the ends here & there to give it an original feel to them. This is the same Yash Chopra who made Waqt & Deewar...? I'm beginning to wonder. Maybe they were copies too!

David Dhawan:
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi: copy of not one but TWO movies!!! It's a mash of Meet the Parents & Anger Management! I'm pretty sure they're all copies of some movie or the other.

Taxi # 9211: copied from Changing Lanes; and I'm sure anything Mr. Rohan Sippy will produce going forward will be copied or "inspired" from Hollywood.

Sanjay Gupta & Abbas-Mustan (Baazgar=A Kiss before Dying) I'm not commenting on since they are INCAPABLE of original storylines or anything that even remotely resembles creativity. All their crap is aped shamelessly from someone or the other.

And it doesn't stop at film. It extends to TV as well! Jassi, Indian Idol & KBC are legtimate, liscenced copies of the original, but there are copies of English, British & even Spanish soaps competing with Ekta Kapoor's tearjerkers. Right from Zabaan Sambhalke then to Ek Ladki Anjaani Si now. Jet, Set, Go & Business Baazigar(!!!???), are inane copies of the Amazing Race & The Apprentice!!!

This blatant plagiarism reeks of a lack of self respect & a total lack of respect for the image of the Motherland! As long as they're dishing out whatever the audience wants, the makers & the actors have no qualms.

And the media is equally to blame. Instead of interviewing & glorifying the gutsy likes of Nagesh Kukunoor, Ashutosh Gowarikar & Govind Nihalani, they take interviews of idiots like Shahrukh Khan & Ekta Kapoor. Instead of calling the likes of Rakeysh O. Mehra & Aamir Khan the Kings of Bollywood, the bestow these epithets on those with far poorer wares like Shahrukh & Karan Johar! Instead of influencing public thought & opinion, they pander to popular taste.

Disgusting times we live in!


  1. I wasnt born into a wealthy family and I've done all but 2 things that you've mentioned you'd like to do.
    Singing lessons(I dont need them).
    Travel around the world.
    That what costs money.
    the rest of the things dont cost too much money,you oaf.

  2. Yes i agree with English wine in Desi paua (cup)

  3. I do agree with you that sadly indians are copy cats but thats coz of the unnecessary hype and apprehension that we give to bollywood. if you keep ur eyes wide and focus on our won traditional art forms, literature, dances.....we boast of a rich culture - something thats purely our own but nobody is interested in it. anyways - i have posted a small story in do read and post ur comments abt it - its my own - im not a copy cat :)

  4. Count Whatever...
    When you're employed, gainfully; time is quite a constraint.
    What I meant, and you probably missed, is that had I been born into wealth, I wouldn't have worked. Instead I would've pursued all those interests.

  5. tHIS is not happening now,its for last 50 years.
    Darr is not copy of cape fear only some scenes are copy
    but the psyhic effect is totally come from that movie..

  6. I wud like to add some more to the list....

    Luck-from many movies
    Shortcut:con is con....from a malayalam movie
    Kambhat ishq...from a tamil movie
    Blue-Blues starring jessica alba
    The problem is we jus admire west n jus impersonatin everythin rite from wardrobes....
    we forget what India is known for(our culture)......


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