Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reasons why the BJP deserves to fail

It's strange that in our country, whenever a social movement happens it's initiated by individuals like Medha Patkar or by various NGOs. Whether it is tackling the issue of caste killings in Bihar & Madhya Pradesh or it's the problem of Sati in Rajasthan or the issue of rampant rapes all over India; these social evils are being fought by NGOs. So called "Samaaj Sudhaar" organizations like the RSS or it's political front the BJP are nowhere in the picture. When it comes to contributing the improving the social lot of Indians, there seems to be no contribution from the BJP. They simply allow the evils to remain, letting the local police battle it out with no support even if they're the ruling regime.
In contrast the Congress focuses on Education at the grassroots level, more schools, grants to NGOs fighting these causes. The difference between the commitment to India is obvious from the electoral agendas of both parties & also by comparing the list of achievements of both parties while they were in power.
The Congress' approach is long term but one that will hopefully yield results once all of India is educated & developed. Once the common man is educated enough & is more economic-progress focused, he will be able to see through the antics of the BJP. That day, the BJP will be reduced to a 10 member has-been, struggling with very limited appeal, garnering 2 seats like the erstwhile
Muslim League.
I have a theory that excites me no end... Every communal voice in India eventually faces defeat & oblivion. Jaspal Rana, former ace shooter, Nitish Bhardwaj, former TV-Krishna and a couple of others joined the BJP. Despicable I thought at the time. But what gladdens the heart is the fact that today, no one knows where they are! India's ace shooters today are Samaresh Jang & Major Raghavendra Rathore. Men with no evinced political leanings. In contrast, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan joined politics and failed, but he returned to be as successful as he was earlier. The shiv sena has already faced an in-house revolt and is on it's way down. HKL bhagat has already been found guilty of instigating the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. (On that note, I'm convinced that one day narendra modi too will be indicted for the Gujarat carnage)
I like this train of thought. If my guess is right, the likes of dharmendra, vinod khanna & smriti irani are going to disappear into nothingness very soon. Forgotten!!!

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