Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rules & us

One thing that bothers me is the inability of our countrymen to follow rules of any kind. We boast of a 4000 year old civilization but our conduct today is definitely barbaric. So while India is shining, we as a people have sunk to the depths of bad behaviour.

We spit, pee & defecate openly in public places. We litter at will. And these are people who claim to want to join the army as it signifies the ultimate patriotic thing to do. These are literate people from CBSE schools who were taught moral science & civics in school.

We insist on cutting lanes, taking illegal short-cuts, one-ways etc to save minuscule amounts of time/fuel. This only points towards either an illiterate or an inconsiderate mindset. I really wonder how we call ourselves superior as a race/civilization to the Brits or the Yanks. They're incredibly considerate people.

I know some of my fellow bloggers who're far more active & therefore far better networked than I am. I wish some of them would take this up as a social cause in their respective cities, and help make Indians more rule-compliant. It's going to come through better understanding and more civic policing. Any ideas on this are more than welcome.


  1. Hmmm. Well, waging wars against developing countries doesn't seem like a particularly considerate thing to do. But granted, our civic sense isn't quite what it should be. I don't like the spit and litter myself. But since you're asking for change, do you have a solution in mind? You know how things are. Do you know how to change them? If better networked bloggers do take it up... what should they do? Simply rant about how unacceptable it is?

  2. here goes again -
    how? why don't you begin with a real suggestion about how? what is civic policing? how much civic policing is permissible? or suggesting what can be done, taking into account the fact that the vast majority of people may prefer to spit and litter and take illegal turns.

  3. if some historians are to be believed we Indians have been living in planned cities for more than 4000 years.

    the cities in the indus valley civilisation had planned sewage, more than adequate roadways and a zillion other nice things which cities in india don't havwe today.

    we can also assume that the people living in these cities also were equally civic minded.

    isn't it possible that we indians have already tried all those things that the westerners are trying out now and given them up. that our ancestors realised that peeing on the street is so much easier than looking for a non existent urinal. (it's good for the local flora too.)

  4. Annie, just like in the US, people are authorized to make a Citizen's Arrest, we too can have NGO's organize the a few of the masses into a civil action force that fines & arrests for littering & piddling. Or for cutting lanes.

    Idle Thoughts, while your comment is amusing, I hope you're not serious about what you said. Laughing off our problems will not solve them. We may have been ahead 4000 years ago. But today, we're 400 years behind. And your attitude is partly to blame.


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