Friday, December 28, 2007

Roz subah sirf utho nahin... JAAGO!!!

OK. If you take pride in being an educated, intelligent, humane Indian, here's what you should be reading:

And need I specify what you should be doing?

I am going to do what Anjan has recommended. For a start, I am not going to shop at Reliance Fresh anymore. Spencer's, a nice secular South Indian company will get all my money. No quarrel with Reliance Retail. They're Headquartered in Bombay. None with Reliance Communications for the same reason. Quarrel only with companies operating out of Gujarat. Reasons below.
No more buying fuel at the Reliance petrol pump in Vashi. Will buy from HP.

If anyone has more ideas to add to this list, we'd love to hear!

A boycott is a time-tested form of protest against the actions of a state (as represented by its "management" or "government"). Think about the Swadeshi movement, for instance - its participants chose not to buy British goods not only as a positive endorsement to India's handloom industry, but also an economic action that disrupted the British textiles supply-demand curve. Were those factories not staffed by people like the employees that you refer to, or run by businessmen whose intention was anything other than to make an honest living - supported by a nation-state that was quietly pursuing its agenda of repression against India? Did the owners of those factories stand up and pressurize the British monarchy to give India its freedom - or did the collective weight of the Indian protests in both non-violent and militant expression drive the British out? We all make choices.
Arvind Mills and the other companies that chose to be where they are made theirs. It is our belief that a widespread boycott will compel them to rethink this - and to put pressure on the state leadership to at least shift away from the politics of hate if they are to retain their economic position.

List of companies to watch for:
The list is rather long and still under scrutiny for accuracy (we do not wish to penalize companies that may have registered their offices there years ago but operate de facto HQs from elsewhere - it is quite a hassle to switch the State for a Corporate office)... still, here are some of the obvious ones identified so far:

Arvind Mills (Healthier Alternative is KG Denim I think)
Torrent Pharma
Cadila Pharma
Zydus Cadila
Gujarat Gas
Paras Pharmaceuticals
Ashapura Mines
Remi Metals
Amul (Britannia/Nestle are alternatives)

Edited: 07.01.2008


  1. What a splendid manifestation of ignorant Indian tacitly manipulated by pseudo-secular forces in our nation !!

    Reliance is run by Gujratis but its headquarters are located in Nariman Point, Mumbai i.e outside your evil evil Gujrat. Yet you choose to do so and in the process demonstrate everybody your blatant bias against Gujratis. This is definitely not social activism but blatant revelation of prejudice.

    And how does Spencer become a secular company ?? How the heck does a co. become secular ?
    Please lookup meaning of secular and communal in a dictionary ? You will be appalled by your radical ignorance.

  2. Thanks for the correction Rahul. I had to edit that line about Reliance Fresh, but you got to the post before I could. You're right. Reliance Retail is headquartered in Bombay & I have no quarrel with them. They're not contributing the coffers of the Gujarat govt.
    You're also right about the company being secular bit. Only partly so though. I personally believe that if the owners are partisan, the organization will have a little bit of that culture. But anyway, like I said. I agree with you on these 2 points.
    I'm letting the pseudo-secular & the dictionary discussion pass, as I have a more important question to ask you.
    I can see that you're a thinking person. What I am surprised about is how despite being a thinking person (and despite being so self-professedly literate), you are backing the Gujarat Govt. Can't you see that they had an active part to play in the murder & rape of your brothers & sisters? Don't you feel that they are the exact opposite of what you are, of what you were brought up to be?
    Why are you defending them instead of contributing to bringing the guilty to justice?

  3. Great idea. I will make a post about it soon.


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