Monday, July 28, 2008

India being held ransom!


That is the question that bothers me. WHAT EXACTLY do these terrorists WANT? Can't they tell us? In the earlier days, hijackers, kidnappers etc. told us what they wanted in return & we had information about what we needed to do to secure the release of our people. We also knew what their grouse was & if it was a valid grouse, we could fix it.

These terror attacks are acts of cowardice. They don't want to face us, they don't want to negotiate. Do they even WANT anything??? Or are they just brainwashed people or mercenaries, being encouraged by entities who want India to remain weak? Pak we've heard before? China maybe?

Most importantly... WHAT can we do to stop this madness?

The Indian Express had talked about "Local Intelligence" after the Jaipur blasts and reiterates that point here.

Apparently the Centre is talking about raising the %age spend on State-specific Intelligence instead of depending on one central body. It makes immense sense to have multiple entities striking at the problem instead of one single body. What the Centre needs to realize is this: There is a HUGE difference between drawing up plans & implementing them effectively. The success of corporate honchos & heads of state alike is determined by their ability to implement! Dr. Singh hasn't failed on that count yet and I hope he and the Hon'ble Home Minister can implement to perfection as well!

In fact, it would make sense to have a district level/gram panchayat level anti-terror intelligence gathering cell/programme!

I've heard of Mohalla committees that were put in place & were successful as an anti-rioting measure. We can have similar programmes for anti-terror intelligence gathering.

Another idea is to make all these uber-patriots (I'd love to use pseudo but the extremist right seems to have patented the use of that word; additionally there's a good chance they won't understand uber) like the sena & it's illegitimate child the mns, the vhp, bajrangis and the rss, who keep flaunting their committment to the nation, to become the cells of intelligence gathering. Since they're so interested in the Nation's security, let's give them a chance to do something CONSTRUCTIVE about it instead of just ranting about it for a change! Ditto the organizations that keep calling for bandhs!

The ulema too can put their money where their mouth is & put up intelligence collection cells wherever they have a presence.

With that amount of intelligence coming in, we may be able to control this menace. At least one of the blocks will be in place!

Others expressing anguish about this.



  1. Completely agree that local intelligence gathering is required.

    But I dont agree with you that either the Ulemas or the sainiks or their brothers be allowed to do this. For the simple reason depending on who has the more strength in which locality those belonging to the other religion would be harassed.

    It needs to be done perhaps at school and college level where the youth can be banded together to provide inputs and maybe also taught on how to handle such emergencies.

  2. Agree with you pinku.

    I think I was saying it in either an overly sanguine mood or a taunting mood.

    I like your school college suggestion too, but not at either rss shakha schools or at madarsas. So what kind of schools?

  3. Who is your enemy ?

    the terrorists of today are the martyrs of tomorrow.

    The answer : nihilism.

    "It is only after we have lost everything that we are free to do anything"

  4. Jay... I'd be inclined to agree if this wasn't such a serious issue! & a threat to us!

  5. Agree with Pinku Uber-Patriots are terrorists of a kind anyway. But yes, we do need more than one intelligence agencies.

  6. IHM,

    Thanks. Where were you all these days?

  7. Ulema? What for? To help more blasts?

  8. Hi
    I was being serious.

    Who defines what India is ? , what its borders are who is a friend , who is a enemy , is a Manipuri a better Indian than a Kashmiri , can you love your language , religion , backyard more than you love an idea of a nation - is that wrong ? Why the need to emphasize an indianess that is at its sunday best in a text book.

    The day we let individuals of India ( as we know today ) define their nation on their own we will much better. If i want to create a nation of Nusrat lovers on my vegetable patch , with my own flag and my own national anthem ( any nusrat song ) I will feel infinitely better.

    Anarchy - thik hai

  9. Anonymous...

    I agreed with pinku above already. Why do you not mention the sena in the same breath?


    I'm inclined to agree with you. Not on the anarchy bit though. Woh theek nahi hai.

  10. Well of course, I would. But there was no mention of the sena in the article, hence no mention in the comment. You set the context in the article by naming the ulema and not the sena.

  11. Anonymous...

    Please re-read the article more carefully. The para just above the ulema one, carries a note on the sena.
    I've heard of selective listening & selelctive memory. Is this a form of selective reading? :-)

  12. Oops, my mistake. I guess I had just skimmed through the article in a hurry. So, now I say it : Sena? What for? To beat up more people?

  13. There are some English literates among Ultra nationalists thought may not be the JNU passouts....

    1. There is no need for RSS to prove to "seculars" its commitment to the nation. It was proven during war with china(as a appreciation RSS was allowed to take part in national day parade). Or during innumerable calamities whcih hit the nation where RSS was in forefront providing assistance(unlike the armchair socialists)

    There is a very famous saying by kennedy(I think) "the day a person decides to trade his life with mine, I am a goner..." so no ammount of strenthening of intelligence gathering will prevent such incidence 100%. it may prevent 90%. Only solution to this problem is
    1. The minority community has to be integrated to national mainstream and they should stop identifying themselves with Extranational Interests. As long as we keep minorities as minorities this problem will appear one or other.
    2. The movement to reform the "bad elements" in minority community should come from forces inside their community itself.

  14. Anonymous,

    Thanks. I am satisfied.


    They don't need to be JNU passouts. I'm amazed at the Hindi-bhashi, swadeshi bunch when they can converse in proper English & when they work for MNC's. Such hypocrites!

    1. The rss has been banned twice before! Please consider that too when you make claims about their secular, nationalist pedigree!
    Also if part-time social service exonerates you from your violent, divisive, hate-crimes, then you must consider this too:
    The Jamat ud Dawa helped out immensely during the October 2005 quake. Does that parallel do for you?

    1. (again?): The minority community indeed has to be integrated. Without the hatred of the sangh parivar & the mistrust of their followers, they will find it easier to integrate when they're not being constantly looked upon as different or disloyal. The start has to come from you.
    I don't think Kalam, Rahman, the Khans, Akhtars, Azmis, Zaidis, Setalvads, Ahmeds etc identify themselves with extranational interests. They all work towards creating a unified India. It is your sangh parivar that constantly brings up non-issues to make the "minorities" feel more insecure.

    2. So much so that despite ALL THE EFFORTS from within the community, outside forces like your favourites make them come to nought.

    If you will lay off them for a while, they'll solve their problems. Why don't you solve your own problems you pseudo-nationalists? Why don't you go to Assam & quell the ulfa challenge there?

  15. [The rss has been banned twice before! ]

    Correction, Thrice.
    First time it was banned for supposedly murdering gandhi but GOI revoked it because RSS agreed to adopt a constitution!!!

    Second during emergency when RSS was in forefront leading the movement against Indira

    Third for destroying the edifice which "seculars" call Babri Masjid.

    [. Without the hatred of the sangh parivar & the mistrust of their followers, they will find it easier to integrate when they're not being constantly looked upon as different or disloyal.]

    RSS has become a convenient whipping boy for misdeeds of others. Do UK has RSS where youths from affluent families took to fanatism?

    Do Turkey have RSS? Do Thailnad has RSS? The list goes on....

    [It is your sangh parivar that constantly brings up non-issues to make the "minorities" feel more insecure.]

    Have you forgotten the violence after Danish Cartoon issue? Do you remember Khilafat Movement> this just two is a long list

    What are the so called Non Issues?

    - Sangh for years have been telling illeffects of Bangladeshi immigrants. Secualr said its communal, now we are bearing the brunt

    - Is saying ram is myth Non Issue?

    - is conversion non issue. Read my latest blog on South Korea.

    - Is appeasement a non issue. The contrast between what Modi achieved in 20 days and what GOI could not achieve in 4 years is study in contrast!

    Whom are you guys fooling!!!

  16. panchjanya...

    THRICE huh? WOW! There's no smoke without fire, is there?
    They were embroiled in Gandhiji's murder, huh? I know. Cold blooed murdering weakling godse was an rss member before he switched to the hindu mahasabha, ostensibly to avoid any trouble to the rss.

    THRICE... Pretty impressive. The rss isn't very different from the simi is it then?

    Are you aware that in the UK & the USA, the rss has organizations that front for it & collect "chanda" for their militant activities back home? Do you want proof? I'll send you a link like I did earlier. And you'll not have anything to say again when you see the truth.

    Turkey? Turkey is a progressive country. How does it fit into the conversation here? Or Thailand?

    Please read up a little more about the Khilafat movement.
    Bangladeshi immigrants are Hindus also.
    There is no proof of Ram's existence. That remains a fact. You & I may believe that he existed, but that is a matter of faith not science. Are you even aware that the Ram that you worship wasn't even referred to as a God in the original Ramayan? He was called Purshottam Ram. Only much later due to the wierdness of Tulsidas(?) did he become Bhagwan Ram. And he was never an issue, until the sangh parivar made it an issue. NOW do you get it? They make issues out of things that were not issues.

    What did modi achieve in 20 days? The genocide? Like Hitler's killing of the Jews? Similarly, I can guarantee you that modi will put a gun to his head when he's about to be arrested & tried for his crimes!

    The Congress GOI has achieved everything that we have in this country today. Your jobs & salary & the internet that you use to read this.

    When will you stop getting fooled by mere propagandistas?

  17. panchjanya...

    PS: Conversion is an ABSOLUTE NON-ISSUE! It's an issue only for insecure people. Conversion is a human beings basic human right: Freedom of Choice.


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