Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hope, Horror & Humour: some links from around the Blogosphere


1. The final results of the American Presidential race are making me beam from ear to ear. Any guesses on what my views are on Barack Obama?

Well, aside from the fact that I feel immense black pride (despite my not being black) at this point; aside from the fact that I feel blown away by the fact that a member from among those who were considered an inferior race in America till a few decades back has today been picked to lead their country; aside from the fact that America today redeemed itself and proved that it's way ahead of us in being an amalgamated people; aside from the fact that he is of mixed race (a club I do proudly belong to) and that the fact made him acceptable instead of not-acceptable; aside from the fact that his birth-father wasn't American & that he spent some time growing up in Indonesia with his step-father, and none of that could stop him at all...!

I won't say much more as the sentiment of this truly historic moment has been captured beautifully by one of my favourite bloggers. She picks out some bits of Obama's acceptance speech that are wonderfully relevant to the India that we are today. I'll let you read it for yourself, but just one example of what will inevitably go on to become a quotable quote from Obama is:

a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and
Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.

(Reminds me of Al Gore's brilliant concession speech that I referred to in an earlier post. But this moment is about the future. About Obama.)

Indeed, like her, I too am very jealous of the Americans. When will we have a moment like this? When will our politicians talk in this refined tongue? When will they talk of unity instead of regionalism/religion? When will we redeem ourselves?

I'd also like to add this line that vindicates my faith in the power of one. One person started it all. One voice. One firm "NO". The line is from today's TOI: Rosa Parks had to sit for Martin Luther King to March. King had to march for Barack Obama to run. Obama had to run for our children to fly.

2. And in a much much smaller way, this conversation too gives me hope. Read from here onwards.


My Maldivian brother Yaamyn, brings us this story that fills us with horror. Reading it made me shudder.


Another blogger who is fast becoming one of my favourite reads, wrote this last month. I know it's a little late, but it made me laugh. I would like you all to find a little laughter in your day as well. Enjoy!


  1. Hi! Very good and interesting blog! This is such a cool line: "Rosa Parks had to sit for Martin Luther King to March. King had to march for Barack Obama to run. Obama had to run for our children to fly."

    I am excited about our election for two reasons. 1. It's a very big change in direction for the country and it was carried out peacefully. 2. It's a huge victory over racism.

  2. Thank you Qaro.

    Thank you very much for being you & standing up for the right causes! :-D

  3. "Rosa Parks had to sit for Martin Luther King to March. King had to march for Barack Obama to run. Obama had to run for our children to fly."

    this line is just fantastic.....

    I do hope that we indians, also get inspired by BO.

  4. Ajit,

    Obama has positively changed quite a few definitions. For example BO was body odour before he came on the scene. ;-)


    Gaye kaam se. Where?

    And why you have deleted my painstakingly researched, absolutely delightful reply to that garg fellow...?

  5. It's on my blog :)

    The post was delayed because of some internet connection problem, by then I had left this comment on your blog. I hope you pick the tag, I look forward to reading your post :)


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