Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New to Blogging

Ladies & Gentlemen!

I'm not new to the world of blogs in the sense that I'm an avid reader, but this is the first time I'm putting one up. In fact I wanted to call this blog me-too.blogspot.com, but like my kid Sis forewarned me, that one's already taken. It's a bit depressing to realize that even in the world of me-too's you can come second or third! Didn't realize that there's a race on even for Conformity!!! What's our World come to???
Anyway, I was introduced to blogs through my kid Sis. However what prompted Internet-Crazy me to put one up was the fact that Blogger is a Google initiative. Anything Google recommends I end up doing. In fact they were hiring recently. I applied. They recommended that I keep my CV to myself. So I did.
The first blog I read was a remarkably hilarious poem from http://pututhecat.blogspot.com. I recommend that everyone should check that blog out. The writer seems really talented & original.
But the most talented writer hides some of her work here: http://knownturf.blogspot.com. This blog however, doesn't even begin to showcase the author's prodiguous talent.

I too nurse a mostly secret desire to write but unfortunately my limited ability becomes too evident in my work, which has hitherto stopped me from any publishing endeavours. But there is much to be gained from being brave. So I'm now going to ask you to be brave, for I'm going to share my "work" with the world. And I'm going to be open to criticism. However, my definition of "open to criticism" may itself be open to interpretation. However let that not deter you, for most of the time, I am only joking.

Another word of caution. Well begun is half done is only half true in my case. Starting off is easy on enthusiasm alone, but a sustained effort will be missing here as from all other spheres in my life. I am essentially lazy. So watching this space may not yield much for you except what it promises literally. But anyway, Watch this Space.

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