Sunday, June 12, 2005

Re: PS to meme posts

My second post finally happens... This is a tag I wrangled out of Annie. Here goes...

Total # of Books I Own:

Our Family has 3 cupboards full of books. How many of those are mine I do not know. Generally any Reader’s Digest books having to do with the Human Body, “Vanished Civilizations” or Tennis, were ordered by me & paid for by Mom at that time (Yes my interests were different). But they’re still OUR books more than mine. We’ve always looked upon everything like that. It makes it much easier for us to individually claim that we own 3 cupboards full of books. :-)

Last Book I Bought:

I SERIOUSLY have no recollection! Work leaves very little time to read & my very limited tastes are sufficiently catered to by my Sister who picks up a book for me if she thinks I’ll enjoy it. So most of my books these days are gifts.

Last Book I Read:

Who Moved My Cheese? Finished it in an hour. Now trying to plod through the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Boring? Yes. What to do? Being in the Corporate World wreaks havoc with your self esteem and eventually makes you turn to the books once shunned saying “I don’t need these silly self help books!”

Five Books that mean a Lot to Me:

Hmmm… It took me a long time to think of 5 Books that I had read, but I finally have five! :-)
These are truly representative of my reading taste (or lack of it) and have everything to do with my attitude towards life.

Douglas Adams’: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Hilarious! And so original! Made me want to read all the sequels. Managed to give up on the third one eventually!

Tom Holt’s: Paint My Dragon.
Wicked, Wicked Humour! This man is truly a Creative Genius! I intend to read all his books one day! Unputdownable!

Kiran Nagarkar: Ravan & Eddie.
I had long resisted reading any Indian authors foolishly thinking that they dwell only on what is the sad, the destitute and the soppy! Then my Sister handed me this book that had me alternate between throwing my head back in laughter & bowing it in reverence to Kiran Nagarkar. Gave me a bad neck that lasted a damn week!

Daphne du Maurier: Rebecca
I had injured my back & had to sleep on the carpet in the drawing room for a week. That’s when I read Rebecca late into the night. I could look out from the Drawing Room window & see the silhouette of the trees in the dark night. The tone of the novel combined with the setting that I was reading it in makes me remember it as one of the scariest books I read. Marvelously written. Lovely Book!

Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo
Read when I was thirteen, I still remember the thrill it gave me. Fast paced novel in an era where everybody wrote books that seemed to take you eons to trudge through. The adventure, the concept of revenge… Ahhh…!

I will add a sixth book here. This may not be looked upon as being a great book by most, but to me it is one of the BEST I have ever read.

Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Identity
Using a real life chase of a world famous criminal as the background, Ludlum penned the Best Thriller written ever! Fast paced, with so many twists & turns that you would need to have a remarkably uncluttered brain in order to keep pace.

Tag Five People And Ask Them To Do This On Their Blogs:
I don’t know 5 people who have Blogs… :-(


  1. good boy. now do the music meme too. I tagged you for that as well.
    and when you refer to people, link to them as far as possible (like you did for Holt).
    And trackback (hope I'm right, these tech terms represent very vague things to me) refers to going back to check on links, where and how people are making their way to this page, for instance.
    There's something called Sitemeter ( that lets you see who's visiting and how many of them. I suggest you wait until you've got some more posts, and some traffic going here :)
    or else ego might take more beatings than it can handle... (yes, that happens - 'no one visits my page; boohoohoo' kind of blogger-ego beatings)

  2. Thanks for the Ravan & Eddie recommendation. I was wondering for a long time if I should try it. Definitely will now.

    Apart from Sitemeter, you could also try Nedstat or Statcounter. They tell you about kieyword activity as well.


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