Friday, July 22, 2005

Eagle Sighting!

I think... My limited bird-watching experience makes it difficult for me to tell the difference between Eagles, Kites & Hawks; but I think I saw an Eagle today in the most unlikely of places!
Initially I thought it was a Kite, since I believed Eagles are not native to India, but a little Googling threw up a few Eagle sightings in India so I'm assuming this one was an Eagle after all.
BIG, Confident Bird. Brown, heavily feathered & extremely good looking.
And not in the midst of a jungle, but seated on the scaffolding of my 6th floor office window. It created quite a buzz on my call center floor. Apparently this is the second day that the Eagle has come to perch on the same spot on the scaffolding.
Amidst jokes by one of Team Leaders on how the Eagle has been trained to report on time, and the agents wondering aloud on which of the women the Eagle had lost his heart to, this Team Leader pointed out that the Eagle cannot look inside the building since we have reflective glass. It dawned on my that the Eagle has discovered it's reflection in the mirror and is probably in love with it's own reflection. It sat there braving the rain staring at his reflection as we admired him. I wanted to take a picture of him, but I first need to confirm whether there are any security restrictions on cameras in my building. Let me see. If he returns, I will try & get a picture of him up here.
Watch this space for an update on what happens to our feathered Narcissus.

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  1. Its probably a kite man. If its sitting, how can you tell the markings? interesting tho, but unless you're just off Sanjay Gandhi, i dont think you;ll ever get an eagle in the city. Check out some markings, ask some folk, lemme know :) oh hey, nice posts.


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