Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My quiet half century...

I quietly crossed the 50 mark in posts on this blog some time back.

I doff my hat in respect to the gentle readers of this blog in appreciation of their continued reading.


  1. Yay! Keep them coming :-)

  2. Thank you Mansi.

    You're a first time commenter. Would you be willing to share feedback with me on what you like/dislike about this blog?
    Which posts are your favourites & which ones you abhor? :-)

  3. I came across your blog recently through Indian Muslims..I agreed with a lot of your comments on IM so I followed you to your blog :-)
    I liked your “Things I cannot get out of my head” post a lot; it was personal and powerful. Can't think of anything that I abhor in your blog. So, keep blogging!

  4. :-)
    Thanks a lot Mansi.
    Check out the latest two & gimme your thoughts on those. I think you'll like them...


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