Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Joke... and a Question.

Joke first. For all the stark raving mad pseudo-nationalists...

Santa radio lekar POTTY karne gaya. Jab woh baahar aaya toh...

Banta: aaj to mazey se ki hogi?

Santa: khaak mazey se ki...! radio par jan-gan-man aa gaya, khade-khade karni padi...!

Now the question: Who is going to file a case against the originator of this SMS joke? Will the Bhopali & the Tirupati lawyers file a case, will NDTV discuss this as an affront to a national icon?

And now the Real Question... If "Hinduism" accepts Atheism as a valid religious philosophy, if people walk around claiming to be agnostics & atheists, why can I not be a Nation-atheist?

Answers, gentle readers?


  1. Because of mohammed,mohammed ghori,mohammed ghazni,mohammed jinnah,zia ul haq,musharaff,islam,saudi arabia and pakistan

  2. anonymous...

    You need to see a good doctor...


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