Sunday, June 15, 2008

he's at it again...

This man just refuses to straighten out like the proverbial dog's tail.
He's at that old game again: If you can't argue with them, shatter their credibility by any means possible.
So in a soft-hindutva stance, shourie took on the Father of the Indian Constitution, in an abashed attempt to undermine Dr. Ambedkar's credibility among unsuspecting youth both upper & lower caste. What he doesn't realize of course is that his attempts are fairly see through.

Notice how he expresses his scant respect even for Mahatma Gandhi. He deliberately italicizes the ji suffix, so that it reads Gandhiji! He does the same with Satyagrah, but doesn't do the same with either Lokmanya, Swami or Sri. his bias comes out strongly here & gives us reason to further doubt his credibility.

As I have said before, this man is a danger to the fabric of unity that our nation is trying to maintain. He is not to be trusted & not to be taken seriously in this era.
And I sincerely hope history remembers him as the overtly biased, rabble rouser that he is, instead of the scholar-historian that some entities with vested interests HILARIOUSLY try & package him as.

Apparently I am not too much off the mark. I am not the only one that sees through him & is unafraid to call a spade a spade. Here are some links to what other people are saying about shourie; including respected historians like Ramchandra Guha:
The first link above (an essay by Guha 1) is a specially good analysis.


  1. Hey, this is Anuranjan. Thanks for the consolation. I don't know why I had to take that debate with Thiagan so seriously and why I was powered by some deep belief that I could convince him. Made my head hurt.

  2. And when you talk about people like Arun Shourie it's even more difficult to disparage their thought process! These kind of people specialize in playing upon our fears and it feels kind of artificial when you want to negate them totally. They actually have some valid points that form the basis (albeit extremely thin) for their propaganda. I just hope that people don't wallow in such kind of fears because that's where the violence comes from

  3. Thanks Anuranjan.

    Care to explain this:

    "And when you talk about people like Arun Shourie it's even more difficult to disparage their thought process!"

  4. Well, all I meant to say was that I've actually read things from him to which I agree. He hasn't come across as one of the more raving madmen that seem to inhabit the conservative right of the world. You seem to have come across something which really outed his 'true' identity. Would be grateful if you could guide me to such an article.

  5. Strange man. I have read some of his writing & I don't agree with most of it. His criticism serves one sole purpose. The sects being critiqued should take the construction positively & iron out any flaws that exist in their way of living. BUT THAT does not take away from the fact that shourie's intent is not to reform other sects! His intent is to incite! He is the English translator of the hindi-vaadi rss.

    The links in my second (this) post will tell you what others including luminaries are saying about him. Apart from the points that I have presented. :-)


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