Thursday, August 28, 2008

Citizens for Peace

Most regular bloggers & blog readers will know of Citizens for Peace.

Theirs is an honest, earnest attempt to use the resources at their disposal to give the peace-loving Indian a voice in these days of violence & madness.
Their site is loaded with essays & comments from modern day intellectuals and if you choose to visit them you will have lots to read.
I have linked to them in the past, and I should more often.

Here are two of their latest offerings:

In the first one Ms. Azmi very eloquently takes on her detractors (unfortunately the mainstream media didn't carry this essay). An excerpt: "In the same interview that has become the subject of such mud-slinging, I have also stated that the Indian Muslim feels safer in India than elsewhere because he has a stake and a space in the country’s democracy...... That the time has come for Muslims to stop looking at themselves only as victims and do some soul-searching on the need for reform within the community. Why then does only one remark get pulled out of the interview and become the subject of such acrimony?"

Please read & pass on. Do spread the good word. :-)
And since this is a very relevant topic these days, here's Malavika Sanghvi on Kashmir.


  1. You have been awarded Brilliant Weblog Award :) Please check on my blog.
    About his post I always found Shabana Azmi brilliant and very fair. She is a feminist too.

  2. wow..its funny that media didn't quote the 'harmonious' part..Indeed faithful journalism..


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