Friday, September 26, 2008

Found: A true-blue Indian!

Followers of this blog (& my detractors) will know my definition of Indianness. They will be aware that an individual with a unidimensional perspective cannot be a complete Indian in my book.

Here is a dressed up in Raymonds Indian. Take a look at his recent posts, the things he rejoices in, and you will have your blueprint for the kind of Indian we want inhabiting this country!

Here you go!


  1. Someone I read Kislay. UP-ite, your neighbour. :-)

    I like that he does poetry & prose on God, his nation, the Mahatma, Ramzan, Diwali and Ganesh Chathurthi alike!

    All of this is his without any jingoism involved. It's this innate, embedded, almost unaware Indianness that I like so much.

  2. Care to disclose his identity ? I would love to have a dekko .

  3. Why do you want an identity Kislay? I've provided a link to his blog.

  4. IHM,

    To you too my true blue fellow Indian! :-)

  5. LOL do you know, I wanted to add I think I also belong to the category of true blue Indians?!

  6. IHM,

    You didn't need to say it. I already know it. :-)


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