Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gujrati Mujra-hideen - a display of the degree of “sophistication”

I HATE to even mention this monster’s name, but what must be done must be done.

AT a rally in Delhi narendra modi showed the difference in “class” that exists between modern India’s top leaders & bjp leaders! While on the one hand we have the likes of “Political Saint” Dr. Manmohan Singh; popular new hope Omar Abdullah; self-sacrificing, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, educated abroad, daughter-in-law of India’s first family Sonia Gandhi; US Ivy League educated Sachin Pilot; & others like Milind Deora, young Scindia & Rahul Gandhi… on the other hand you have (mass-murdering apart) men whose speeches are peppered with coarseness that would excite the front-benchers in a B-grade film. I am actually glad that they open their mouth, because everytime they do, they expose themselves for who they really are.

According to DNA reports, modi said: “Gujarat aatankvaad ke saamne mujra nahin karega (Gujarat would not perform a dance in front of terrorism).”

What masterclass on display!!! And these are the people India wants to showcase to the world?

rajnath singh and advani who were also present at the rally “had to wrap up their speeches midway as the drizzle turned into a downpour.” Looks like even the gods had heard enough!

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  1. "it does not matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches the mouse" famous quote from Deng Xiao Ping.

  2. sagarone,

    I don't have much respect for Chinese leaders who have oppressed & killed protesting students, journalists, Buddhist monks etc. etc.

    That said, it matters to me who's doing the talking. The words of a mass murderer with a one point agenda against a particular community do not give me a lot to go by. Please pick up today's Indian Express & read the article on Azamgarh on page 10.

  3. sagarone,

    Visited your blog. Despite our differences here, I couldn't help smiling at the bear story & the moral!

    I'd also like to discuss the "negation" you mentioned in the previous post.

    Why don't you allow comments on your blog?

  4. OK, comments alloswd on my blog now.

  5. sagarone...

    :-) Ab kya faayda? The moment has passed.

    Just joking. I will put in a comment on the negation bit.

  6. self-sacrificing, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, educated abroad, daughter-in-law of India’s first family Sonia Gandhi

    Good sense of humor you have. First family? I thought that would be MM Singh, since he's the PM. Or are you acknowledging that he's a puppet? ;)

    US Ivy League educated Sachin Pilot

    Another Ivy League product: George W. Bush. ;)

    Looks like someone has a fetish of "educated abroad" and "Ivy League" as if those two automatically imply some kind of quality/excellence. Look up "legacy admissions."

  7. keffir...

    Point noted. India's first family at current are the Singhs. I think you know what I meant. For all purposes, there isn't a more famous family in India than the Gandhis. First Family in that sense. One request, do not insult Dr. Singh by calling him a puppet. He is worth his weight in gold. The likes of you & I don't have any right to criticise him.

    Looks like someone is a little out of touch with reality. An Ivy League education is looked upon as an automatic qualification of excellence. Can't deny that.

  8. keffir...?

    No response?

    What happened? Couldn't back up your legacy admission accusation that you (inadvertently?) hurled at Sachin Pilot?


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