Monday, October 27, 2008

He who lives by the sword?

I woke this morning to the disturbing news of a young life wasted by violence.
I was very pained at Rahul Raj losing his life, another casualty due to the stir by the maharashtra navnirman? sena. What a waste of a life given by God.

If Rahul had not chosen the path of violence in response to violence he may still have been alive today. He would still be able to enjoy life, the joys of being alive, being able to smell the flowers, the food, to be able to savour it. His parents wouldnn't be suffering so much today if he had eschewed violence.

Gandhiji comes to my mind in this difficult hour for the humanity that inhabits India. This is why he abhorred violence I guess. This is why he spoke of non-violent protest. If Rahul Raj chosen to fast in front of Mantralaya, he could've been beaten up sure, but definitely not shot dead.

I'm not for a moment saying that he didn't have provocation. I'm not for a moment suggesting that everyman is strong enough in the mind to eschew violence. I'm not saying that he may not have been pushed over the edge. I have been very vocal about the violence raj thakre has unleashed. This is the unfortunate result of his words & actions. And that is why I speak in favour of Gandhiji's & Buddha's ahimsa instead of the path of violence.

We are a fragile society these days, under pressure & increasingly fractured & on the edge. More such incidents could happen if this navnirman doesn't stop soon! Gunman on a passenger bus? I mean these things happened in the US not here!!!

There are people working for Indian unity & for Hindu unity. Both of these have failed consistently ever since raj thakre chose the violence path. he has managed to undo the work that his own political mates had been trying to do for years!
thakre's uncle had earlier sent encouraging words in the direction of bomb-makers!
I hope the people following them wake up soon & realize the extent of damage they're doing!

A couple of facts worth mentioning about this case:
1. aaj-tak, that vermin among media channels, was interviewing Rahul Raj's father in his moment of grief. The man wasn't even given time to grieve! The father was being badgered by the interviewer, cross-questioned I swear! How low will men stoop? The father pointed out that Rahul was not in possession of a country-made revolver as suggested, if indeed 6 shots were fired from his gun, and alluded to a conspiracy based on that inconsistency & demanded an investigation.
2. Many are of the opinion that the police acted in haste & could've arrested him alive.
Does this remind anyone else of the closing scenes from Rang De Basanti?

Anyway, coming back to the crux of this post. Another apostle of peace, Jesus Christ is the one who said: He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
And history has repeatedly proved him right.
I hope raj thakre realizes that at least.


  1. They say, Pakistan's ISI wants our country disintegrated. TRUE, but you don't need an ISI or Taliban or whatsoever when we have our own Raj, ShivSainiks, Tagoria, Mayabati, minded people.
    BTW Came accross to your blog from IHM's blog. Bye...

  2. Z@ki-R,

    I agree with you. Historically we've never needed any help to defeat ourselves. Our infighting makes us an easy target.

    I'm not sure if Amar or Mulayam are as bad as the others you mention.

  3. Oh... Mulayam's gundas remind me that he is as bad. In a different way, but still a criminal.

    And don't call togadia tagoria yaar... Rabindranath will turn in his grave!!!

  4. Totally with you on every word here. Most of us don't understand that violence and terrorism are linked, and one follows the other... I hope those who support violence in one way or the other read this.
    Brilliantly summed up.

  5. OOppss!!
    BTW, I think Mulayam also does devide-n-rule kind of politics. Do they want indian politics to be free from caste based polarization? I doubt.

  6. OOppss!!
    BTW, I think Mulayam also does devide-n-rule kind of politics. Do they want indian politics to be free from caste based polarization? I doubt.

  7. IHM,

    Thanks. :-)


    I doubt it too. I don't trust politicians, but equally, in today's cynical times anyone who fights for a cause is branded something or the other. Medha Patkar for example.


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