Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two can play this game.


LK Advani : I'm secular.

Me: I'm a pink elephant in a fuzzy tutu dancing on a circus ball.


  1. IHM - And I believe gender equality is the root of all social evils :))

  2. Ehh, freedom of speech my friend. Where are my comments? :) :)

    Bas, itne mein hi phat gayi ki mere comments bhi nahin publish kar rahe ho. Chalo, last comment hi publish kar do. So much for liberal and progressive values. ;)

    Thodi Voltaire ki quotes padho, freedom of speech ke baare mein - tum liberal logon ko bahut majaa aata hai, uski baaten quote karne mein. So walk the talk too.

    Bahut kachche ho.

  3. yaamyn,

    HILARIOUS!!!!!! Thanks for infusing our drab days & political scenario with humour!


    Really...? ;-)

    kaffir (Anonymous)...

    Was away from the site for some time. In case you missed it (which you do a lot of by the way), no one's comments were being published nor any new posts going up, as I wasn't on the blog.
    I would really like it if you would refrain from using "phat gayi" etc. I really don't like you but have chosen not to avail of the expletives that my Hindi vocabulary offers me yet. I could very easily.
    So do you have anything worthwhile to add or do I take this as yet another example of your total ineptness as a worthy adversary?

  4. @Kislay: Yeah. That Advani sure cracks me up.
    That was Saturday Night Live material.

    @IHM - I second that. These are crazy times.

    @kaffir : I wish I could see those comments you're talking about.. Kaffir, are you sure you aren't liberal and progressive too? :p

  5. yeah and the sky is going to fall on our heads (courtesy asterix and obelix)

    what if ,actually this pink elephant in a fuzzy tutu got to dance on a circus ball ???

  6. He called Jinnah secular too..So more pink elephants in fuzzy tutus on circus balls please.


  7. Swati (Anonymous),

    Yeah... that advani's always been a hoot! So much for integrity!
    If only I could learn to see humour in his more macabre indulgences, I'd have laughed my ass off by now!


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