Saturday, February 07, 2009

Andhe ho kya...???

So Simon Beaufoy can see the development from one visit to another in Bombay. Can't find the darn link (please submit if you find it, Wiki style!), but it talks about the new flyovers & skyscrapers that keep coming up in Bombay everytime he visits!

A visitor to Pune can gawk at the spanking new, Excellent road from the airport Kalyani Nagar, or at the changed face of Baner (the 4 lane roads on each side, the bences on the ample sidewalk, the promenade) in just 12 months!!!
The Commonwealth Youth games have indeed given the city, specially the roads & the railway station a facelift!

But our media, businessmen & celebrities seem to have a very selective view of development.

They can't seem to give vilasrao deshmukh any credit for Bombay & Pune, nor can they talk about this man in their newspapers or interviews. Don't they read good newspapers or good blogs???
A few questions:
There were terror attacks on Jaipur & Ahmedabad as well as Bombay...
  • Why were vasundhara raje & her Home Minister not asked to resign?
  • Why were modi & his Home Minister not asked to resign?
  • Why did only vilarao deshmukh & patil have to resign?
  • Does it point to a difference in the attitude of the parties in question?


  1. Answer to the last question: It does!

  2. Well.

    Development? What about genocide? I think we're forgetting the basics here. :p


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