Sunday, February 08, 2009

Poet in me (Part 2)

Inspired again. By Hitch Writer this time. (Am I doing sequels or what?)

Beware of Idle pursuits on Sunday...
Lest they set the tone for Monday! :-D

And since you like rhyming so much,
I'll leave you with some rhymes, free verse & such.

This piece of random rhyming from Zig,
Will make you break into a jig!

My poetry, I know, stinks like poo,
But it serves the purpose it sets out to! ;-)

You want better poetry? You'll find it here.
It'll make you gasp, it'll make you cheer!

But if you want verse that'll AWAKEN,
Go here! You'll find yourself SHAKEN!!!

Kya qhayaal hai?

1 comment:

  1. Infectious is this rhyming,
    I shall always be trying,

    At home now we talk like this,
    Making no sense yet we fish,

    For words,
    without odds...


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