Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disappointment & Hope-II

While the existence of one non-blinker-wearing blogger gives one hope that openly partisan apologists for murderers aren't the only people populating my country, the decidedly premature celebrations of the aforesaid apologists is a sad occurence.

Why do I use words like blinkers, partisan, premature etc., one may ask.

Let's see why:

  • If you can see faults in everyone else, but not in narendra modi, it isn't because you're blind. You're just partisan or wearing blinkers. Please forgive the Raja Bhoj-gangu teli (respectively) analogy, but how else can one find faults with Dr. Manmohan Singh yet not give him his due for bringing India to where it is today economically, yet be totally forgiving of modi's complicity/inaction during the 2002 riots?

  • How easily they forget the earlier toast of IT, AP, certain sections in the press, Chandrababu Naidu (apparently the longest serving CM/CEO of Andhra Pradesh)! This is why I say premature.

  • They don't even have all the facts at hand, yet they celebrate! Good Governance did I hear? I guess offering security & a dignified living to it's citizens isn't part of good governance... No Corruption did I hear? I guess they don't know the real truth. Maybe they can compare PCI stats with other states before they rejoice prematurely? Do they actually believe no one else is watching? That no one else knows? That no one else will speak up? That the voices will not gather momentum? Blind? Nay... Blinkers!

  • And for every ratan tata, sunil mittal & anil ambani, there is a rahul bajaj & Jamshedji Godrej to take into account! Hopefully the media is only keeping modi alive in public memory, so that the voices for him to be brought to justice become louder & louder!

  • And how does the backing of those industry-wallas (with the obvious vested interest of making more money) hold good at all? Since when are industrialists as a group known for rectitude or ethics? They're known for protecting their own interests!

  • Now this bit is purely conjecture, but anil ambani is close to Amar Singh, and he may only have backed modi in public to further widen the rift (vajpayee-advani-shekhawat-modi-rss factions) within the bjp! (Gleeful Grin!)
And since vinod sharma has taken to hurriedly deleting every comment that I put up on his posts, I'm refuting some more of his silly claims here:

1st reply:
Right Time???

He was on Karan Thapar's show & walked out when asked to express regret? Was that not an appropriate time?

He's just milking the sentiment of those hindus who're extremist. And similarly with the money that comes in. Forgotten so soon why sonal shah was embroiled in so much controversy? The funds come from hindutva sympathisers living abroad.

2nd reply:
You wish Vinod.... The recurring skirmishes/riots in India doesn't suggest that we're a different people.

3rd reply:

There is no unhealthy obsession with 2002. The obsession with 1984 still continues till today.Both you & vinod have brought it up in this form & others do all the time. It isn't forgotten. Nor should it be.
Nor should 2002 be forgotten.
And just because we weren't able to fix problems in the past is no excuse to not cry out for justice now!
That's all one is saying.

And can you please stop berating the English media? They're the one's who raise the cry for justice. Read this Tehelka piece.

OPEN your eyes!!!

The other 2 pieces of rubbish that vinod claims in the latest post on his bog...
at a scorching pace that even now seems impossible in any state except

**** has become the beacon that has illuminated the truth that an honest,
competent and visionary leader

Joke of the century vinod!!! Really good one!!! LOL!!! And I thought phoenixritu was the funniest blogger I knew!!! :-D

I really hope you went through the links to the PCI GDSP pdf & the prohibition news article, that I provided above. This making false claims vinodji... tsk tsk... aapko shobha nahi deta...

Stop being an apologist for modi. Otherwise people will remember you like they remember hitler supporters. Heard of the slur "nazi"?

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Please look forward to 2 posts, one on the Janus-facedness of modi supporters
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  1. Well i have once left a message for vinod or rather a comment that Modi would qualify as a perfect candidate to be sent to the hague tribunals. I am sure that if he should become the Prime Minister of this country we would have to face severe diplomatic embarrassment just like Austria did when the late Jörg Haider won the election. In this day and age not only the acceptance of a leader by its nation matters but also international acceptance. However what is far more amazing is how someone like him can continue in power. Just the fact that he had riots in his state while he was in power should be enough of a reason to remove him from power.


    WOW! It feels so good these days to hear someone talk sense!!!

    Precisely why classy leaders like Nehru, Rajiv, Manmohan etc. inspire unequivocal respect even internationally. And why semi-literate disasters like lalu, maya & modi inspire derision even within!!!

    And BANG ON again with your last line! So deshmukh's party removes him, patil's party removes him, but not modi's... Nope!
    Ab toh hypocrisy bhi chhor dee hai unne. Seedhe Seenazoree! Hadhh hoti hai, nahin?

  3. I wrote
    a post
    on Modi missing a very good opportunity to just express some regret- not even apologize, just say he does regret what happened -
    He refused.
    He doesn't even regret ... and we look for something good in someone who does not regret the killing of citizens he was supposed to protect?

  4. IHM,

    I know. I linked to that brilliant post earlier I think...? I remember the lively discussion on it too!

    That's my whole point. Even if we assume he's not responsible, can his supporters at least acknowledge hie absolute ineptitude at getting the state's executive & judiciary to move it's butt???

    The point is, he doesn't care! And neither do his supporters. They're openly glad that 2002 happened. And for that they must be brought to justice, must be opposed, must be defeated.


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