Monday, January 12, 2009

Rehman rules the Globe!


Another Indian achievement on the Global stage worth celebrating!
An achievement in the here & now!
An achievement by a soft-spoken, peace-loving Indian (as opposed to ranting pro-violence losers)!

Here's to a Genuine Winner! A Real World Beater!

Ab isko kehte hain India Shining! ;-)


  1. :)

    Yeah,indeed a moment of pride for all Indians..My appreciate and salute to the great artist..Let he be an inspiration to many many many more..


  2. Before you get angry :) let me tell you, I am damn happy BUT.....I guess Rahman might get DadaSaheb 'now' which, to me is insulting !! Wait..let me explain.
    I am sure, Rahman deserves highest honour of the country (in his field) for his contribution but do we need West to recognize first ? It required Satyajit Ray an oscar to be conferred with DSF....Amarta Sen gets nobel prize he was awarded Bharat Ratna :)

  3. Nimmy,



    Don't get upset man!
    It's not always like that. Many have won the Phalke award without having won international awards.

    People may argue that Ilyaraja deserves the Phalke award for his contribution to Indian Film Music. What about RD Burman?

    The Globe while immensely prestigious, doesn't necessarily mean that the recipient has contributed immensely to Indian Cinema. Rehman has just put Indian Film Music on the International Map with his win. Nothing more.
    If Anil Kapoor had won best supporting actor on Sunday, would we have called for a Phalke Award for him? No na?
    So let the Phalke Award come when it has to. I actually want Amitabh to get it first! :-D

    As for Amartya Sen, his Nobel win was what qualified him for the Bharat Ratna. Without the Nobel, did Indians even know about him???

    On that note, do you think Dr. Manmohan Singh will ever be awarded the Bharat Ratna for doing wonders to India's economy? I sure hope so! :-)

  4. A R Rehman has been my favorite forever. I don't much care for awards and all, but no harm either in his getting some more acknowledgment/recognition ...

    His popularity and the respect he inspires is way above any awards.
    Vimal (of V Lokam) a blogger calls him his God :)

  5. IHM,

    I can understand how Vimal (of V Lokam) feels.

    I've designated Amitabh as Cinegod on this blog previously. Did you see that post?

  6. Well 1conoclast, no offence ☠ but I have written two ✌ posts on why I don't (didn't - he's fine now) like Amitabh Bachchan ... my fav ★ is Shahrukh Khan ☻

    Don't mind reading about how Mr Bachchan though ...


  7. IHM,

    Link to them please. I don't mind outrageous humour! ;-D

    It all adds up now. You're a feminist, a gay-sympathiser. Amitabh with his baritone, hairy chest and masculinity represents the conventional male to you.
    It would reason that you like srk! :-D
    I should've known!

    Now don't get all hyper! That jibe is meant to be taken in good humour!

    Go thru the Film category on the blog. You'll find lots about Acting. Which it all boils down to.

    PS: Even if we dont' talk ACTING, you SHOULD be an Amitabh fan. He was such a devoted son to his parents! And so non-judgemental about his DIL (as you guys put it). No?


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