Friday, January 16, 2009

I guess it's up to me... :-)

... to speak the truth, and to present an equally balanced view of Indian politics.
Because certain other bloggers on the Indian political scene will not have the grace or the guts to bring these two news items up.

1. Emulating (whether purposefully or inadvertently) the Father of The Nation, young Indian political hope (some say, & I'm not inclined not to disagree) Rahul Gandhi & British Foreign Secy. David Miliband, stayed overnight in a Dalit woman's hut. Rahul was aiding Miliband in his mission to discover rural India.
The only question in my mind is why the trust didn't leave the mattresses & pillows behind for the poor woman. They could've done that.
Kudos yet again to the Indian Express for it's brave unbiased reporting.

The bjp of course played crybaby as usual. They take the word opposition rather seriously, don't they?

2. mayawati in her birthday speech called the bjp rashtra-virodhi (anti-national)! It's something I thought only I called them? How do I have anything in common with mayawati...? Is this a universal truth? Something that everyone knows? ;-)

I'm wondering why the unabashedly mayawati & bjp-fan-blog, india retold has chosen to remain mum on this tricky issue... hai koi jawab bhai...?


  1. I too am not a BJP fan...The problem with all our political parties is that they take the term 'opposition' to great extremes...The party not in power will always oppose what the party in power does - they don't analyze things objectively and this is not good for the country...I cannot support a party which is openly communal (BJP) and therefore I cannot support Modi...Congress politicians are not saints but atleast their maifesto says they are secular...

  2. Trailblazer,

    Yeah. From what I've heard Gandhiji used to prefer staying at a Harijan's hut whenever he was travelling.

  3. I know that, 1con. But I do not necessarily think that the Crown Prince is "emulating" him. In fact, Miliband's visit to India was a diplomatic disaster.

  4. Yaar Trailblazer...

    I do believe that I had put something in parenthesis after the word emulating. :-)

    And are we talking about the success of Miliband's visit? I don't think so...

    If we do decide on not straying from the topic, I would like to hear your comments on point # 2. Even more than that I'd like to hear Sharmaji's comments. Although I have a strong suspiscion that that won't happen anytime soon.

    If there's one uncanny ability I posess, it is knowing what kind of person will stay for which debate & run away from which debate.

  5. Im not too fond of the BJP either, I would not feel save with the BJP runing the country. With the VHP RSS, anti pakistan and china principals, nuclear tests, it's begning to worry me.

    Especially since they are begning to use the power of the internet to their advantage it kind of scares me.

    Keep blogging your thoughts, as we read we share and learn!

  6. Yes Clyde. Worrying, very worrying...

    We must all attempt to make a difference. To fight the fight in whatever ways we can.

    God Bless you & God Bless our Country!

  7. 1conoclast,

    Nice to see someone ... speak the truth, and ... present an equally balanced view of Indian politics. because I am just not able to understand how and why someone would want to defend mob violence, hate speeches, divisive politics and religion being used as the sole (or main) election agenda.

    Hope to see many more such posts.

    We need a balanced view!
    Thanks -IHM

  8. Rahul G's presence, absence is being calibrated so that he becomes the broad choice of all when Congress is close to the majority or passes it. He has some things going for him - age, education, non-partisan hopefully. Is there a point in opposing him because he comes form the dynasty?

    There is because it breeds sycophancy which is an Indian hallmark if you want to move on in life. But young blood is welcome. Although a PR initiative, it is still a welcome show of solidarity.

    Mayawati is a good politician and her acts of omission and commission in various cases, her remarkable moolah making capabilities, contribution to criminalization and violence in politics makes her equally fit to be a 'rashtra-virodhi' - it is not only when you hurt people from the other religion that you become an untouchable criminal. She has played the divisive and hate card and has just abandoned it because of electoral benefits. She plays the game and is therefore surviving.

    Hope good sense dawns on all.

  9. Thanks IHM.

    You can count on it!

    WE will make the peaceful, progressive, inclusive & developed India of our dreams come true!

    So help us God!

  10. Oye read the using a competive ad filter part to block an advertisment on. I think its a wiser option to get people to lower their bank balance :D hahaa :D


    Forgot to put the link in the earlier one

  12. I agree with Mayawati, upto a certain extent. But how anti "anti-national" is she herself?

  13. astralwicks,

    There is point in opposing a dynastic set-up. But who should oppose it?

    Should I oppose the dynastic set up in Brunei? Or should the citizens of that country do so?

    If people within the Congress have a problem with the set-up they will speak.

    What right does anyone else have to harp about it?

    The truth is that they just want to sully the good name & run down the set-up, so that people who vote for the Nehru-Gandhi clan are misled by this tactic.

    It's a cheap tactic, that's all.

    Ultimately, we're a Democracy. If people don't want Rahul Gandhi, they won't vote for him. Right? (Isn't that the logic the bjp uses to defend themselves when they get regrettably elected?)

  14. Clyde,

    Thanks. Will keep an eagle eye open for it.

    If you see errant links on my blog, can you send me snapshots & links please?

  15. astralwicks...

    :-) Yes.

    sabko sanmati de Bhagwaan


    THAT is a question for those who support her. You may want to ask amit & vinodji, who seem to be very fond of her!

    I personally believe that anyone not in posession of a Western Education shouldn't qualify to lead/represent India.

  16. Well, I guess then there's a difference between me and them there too.

    Mayawati may be a Dalit, and I am all for their rise but I certainly do not believe that someone as self-righteous, parochial and openly corrupt as her should take the helm of the nation's affairs.

    Simply because, a day would come when she would think of herself above the people.

  17. Thanks Trailblazer.

    It's really refreshing to talk to someone as moderate, intelligent & sensible as you!


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