Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will I, Won't I?

Watching Obama Inaugration yesterday, almost brought tears to my eyes.
Here was the burden of America's slave-trade history, it's civil war, it's assassinations of men like Lincoln & King Jr., being lifted. A moment not only for black people to celebrate, but also for white, yellow, brown & red people.
And to watch black & white people hold up Obama banners, Change banners & jumping for joy at the ceremony, simultaneously moistened my eyes, but lifted a weight off my chest.

How am I, so totally unconnected with the race issues of America, affected in such a manner by yesterday's historic event?
I know extreme-patriot, regionalist cynics will scoff and throw pseudo-nationalist jingoism my way, like, first become Indian, then anything else. I've never limited myself within any boundaries, or conformed, and I'm not about to do it now. I'm a human being first; and I identify with human issues everywhere!

Obama too spoke of a new World order. Of inclusiveness, of handshakes, of prosperity across the World! Indicating a sea-change in spoken approach to the USA's foreign policy.

I'm wondering if I can become India's Obama... Like him, I'm of mixed ethnicity, I'm exposed to multiple cultures. Like him, I'm well-educated. And well-brought-up. And passionate (about social, national, and world causes). And Inclusive! And I look up to Lincoln & Gandhiji. And I'm good-looking as well. I'm not yet 35. And I'm a fairly good orator as well.

The only problem is that I've let myself go a bit over the past few years. I haven't paid much attention to personal grooming, physical fitness, bowel movements, and have practically abandoned all manners.
I don't think I will be able to last an entire ceremonial day without farting out loud.
If I can overcome that one fact, I think I stand a fairly good chance!
And so does everyone else like me. So there is hope for our future. The only thing is we must believe in ourselves. And be the CHANGE we want to see! Even if it is as small as not farting out loud in public!


  1. Great Post! What you say here is so true! Obama gives us all 'Hope' - the hope and the belief that we can all make a difference - we just need to 'really want to' and believe in ourselves!

  2. astralwicks, Smitha,


    Long Live Obama! Hamara Neta Amar Rahe!

  3. Lol, but yes believing in oneself is a must. Being inspired and willing to change to whatever small degree, is what keeps HOPE alive.
    Great Post.

  4. Sagarone,



    There's a tag waiting for you. Did you see it yet?

  5. You aren't the only one with moist eyes when Obama spoke :)

    And if you are truly inclusive my vote is yours.

  6. Yes you can :)

    Actually,in manamgement clases we are taught to chant this 'yes i can' loud loud enough for the whole world to be heard..Its a great spirit when the whole class screams loud 'Yes I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan' lol..People walking on the roads may think that we are nutcases gone loose,but trust does wonders and boosts your motivation level..It is best when one is self inspired:) Good luck,have faith in yourself,work for it and be persistent about the goal you have in mind...

    Good day ..

  7. I posted a comment too:(...where did it go?hallpp!!!:(

    and I don't even remember what I wrote except go for it if you want to...if you are passionate about it.....

  8. Yes! you can. My vote for you and some Tums too. :))

  9. Indyeah,

    Thanks for the visit.

    I liked your post on beig judgemental very much. It's something the best of us are sometimes guilty of.

    I dunno what happened to your comment. I only got this one... :-(

    Thanks for the "encouragement". The common mistake that some people may be making is assuming that I am joking about the idea driven by personal ambition.

    For me, it is more to do with duty. We all should get into it because it's our duty to help fix things.



    Thank you! ;-)

  10. Thank you 1conoclast...:)
    Yes,you definitely should go for it..
    The common mistake that some
    people might be making that your idea is driven by personal ambition might be because perhaps you have presented it thus....….no?

    I do understand that your post was very much from the heart but the effect got diluted when you mentioned sundry other things…..all of them humorous and non-serious....

    Which perhaps led to so many people LOLing or giving smilies and saying simply go for it....
    If it was a strong passionate article people would have been right behind you and giving you detailed and very encouraging comments..

    Words can be a very strong weapon or more importantly very strong motivators if used correctly..
    I can see you have a go- getter attitude, will to do,a can do shines through in your comments,in your posts...
    Convey it through your posts so people get energised too!Because you can...:)

    If you put it forward as a part -serious ,part -humorous piece ,it will be taken as

    Best wishes

  11. So, you really serious about this?

    Well then, step 1: Community Service.

    This much-mocked term is what gave him the perspective [and the street cred] that has propelled this "untested" candidate to high office.

    So, what say? Up to it?

  12. Animesh,

    Why were we yelling ourselves hoarse on the Mutiny, saying "Let's DO something!"?

    More than up to it.


  13. @1con: From what I remember, no meetup in Bangalore happened as I had been asking for on mutiny. So much for action-oriented stuff. Kudos to the Pune folk who met up at the cafe!

    Anyways, given that I do not _live_ in India currently, I have something else planned. And I will announce it on Jan 26. 4 days to go.

  14. Animesh,

    Let's focus on what happened man! Pune happened, didn't it? Bombay too? Blr. is traditionally a little behind, but no reason for them not to catch up.

    Little drops of water, little grains of sand...

    All the best for Jan. 26th!


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