Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Statuette time!!! ;-)

OK! Time for the 2nd edition of the annual 1conoclast's World Peace Award!

Last year, when the award was instituted, there was only one award & therefore only one winner. This year, we have expanded the list of categories in order to recognize netizens in other areas as well.

It's tough to pick a winner for the topline Award from among fellow Crusaders for Peace, but that being such an oxymoron, I'll have to look for people whose style & tone, in addition to their message, resonates with the call for Peace! It is with humility & great joy that I submit this tribute to my fellow netizens.

Here goes...

The 1conoclast's World Peace Award 2008 is a tie (It's not a joint award & therefore no comparisions are to be drawn with last year's shared Nobel Peace Prize!) and it goes to:

Indian Home Maker & Milind Kher!!!

IHM's reader's will be familiar with her gentle tone & consistent pro-Peace, pro-equality stance. For her collected posts, each calling for understanding & tolerance, for saying yes to non-violence, the Award is hers this year!
Milind Kher's comments all around this blog are an indication of the inclusiveness, tolerance & wisdom he is being recognized for! Here is a sample of his comments.
The other close contenders were Mohib, Sridhar (Search for "Sridhar on November 12th, 2008 8:11 pm" here), Sudie (sample here again), Knownturf, QuirkyIndian and Yaamyn. All spoke for Peace and I doff my hat to all of them!
The Citizens for Peace Blog 1 & 2 remains an Inspiration to bloggers like me.

The new categories this year (& the winners therein) are:

1conoclast's Funniest Humour Collection Award 2008 goes to:

1conoclast's Best Original Humour Award 2008 goes to:

A few other categories, to be taken in the Razzie spirit are:

1conoclast's Award for Excessive Comment Moderation 2008 goes to:
Indian Home Maker again!

1conoclast's Award for Selective Viewpoint 2008 goes to:
(Also wins under the categories of Carefully Selected Comment Deletion & Consistently Inconsistent)

1conoclast's Award for "Let's Hope they remains Centred (Please see definition 2 here)" 2008:
goes to two young minds with great potential...
Trailblazer. He is intelligent, young, passionate, informed, tolerant, inclusive among other good things. Their slight tendency to favour war, capital punishment, and give general consideration to right-wing propaganda are worrying traits; traits I hope will disappear with imminent maturity, but more on account of their desire to look for truth & sense in things.
& Kislay for pretty much the same reasons.

Thank you all for your lovely posts, comments & thoughts. They make the blogosphere a nicer place to inhabit.
  1. If someone is a good artist, can they please design a better statuette for next year's Awards?
  2. Is this selection by a Jury of peers (me!) a good way to do this or would people prefer to vote? Can someone suggest a reliable voting widget?


  1. I'm honoured. Except, it's Trailblazer. :-)

  2. Trailblazer...

    (Horrified!): Profound Apologies. The mistake has been corrected.

  3. Thanks for including me in the shortlist. :-)

    Quirky Indian

  4. QI,

    Thank You for writing such wonderful stuff!

  5. I am surprised you included me . Thank you .

  6. Wow. I believe IHM was the hands downs winner :p

    She inspires.

  7. I am surprised to see my name here . Thanks . :)

  8. Anytime Kislay... Anytime! :-)

    Yaamyn, which award are you referring to? :P

  9. 1conoclast Truly honored!!!!!
    THANK YOU :)

    (...for which award ??)

  10. IHM,

    Like I said, I am honoured just to hand the main award over! :-)

    The other's a Razzie! ;-)

  11. You've not displayed the Award on your site yet... :-(

  12. Thanks for the honorable mention/award. Will strive to retain it for the coming year. :)

  13. Oh boy!! That is so sweet. Thanks

  14. I have added this badge to my Awards Page today.. just created the Awards Page, it will be up published tomorrow :)

    Thank You :)


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