Saturday, December 27, 2008

TO the War Lovers.

So assuming the Indian government threw all logic into the air and decided to go to WAR with Pakistan over the Mumbai attacks.. How do we know when we win?

What's the objective of this war? How do we know when it's time to END the war?



  1. War is pointless at this stage....
    The only thing that will happen is that it will set us back 20 years.....
    coz the objectives are not clear.

  2. "How do we know when we win?" This is a god question...I wondered about this during the Kargil conflict and I'll wonder about it if we go to war...

    "How do we know when it's time to END the war?" When both countries have run out of soldiers and hardware...

  3. War is not an option. It should only be considered when there is no other option.

  4. Can you point me to some links where prominent writers are calling for an all-out war with Pakistan and making their case in a reasonable manner (i.e. providing some reasons for why they are advocating an all-out war)? Thanks.
    (I'm not worried about what random people write in comments.)

  5. Completely agree with your question! Liked it very much! Do read my post on the subject link below:
    Congratulations for being mentioned in Mumbai Mirror recently.

  6. All...

    Whaddya think?


    Who got mentioned in Mirror recently?

  7. WOW did you get mentioned in Mumbai Mirror? Congratulations!

    And I agree with the very well written comment on the Quirky Indian's very well written post :)

  8. 1conoclast - I am sorry, I got mixed up with someone else's blog that got mentioned in the Blogger's Park column in the Mumbai Mirror!
    Hope you do get mentioned though! Sorry for the confusion again.

  9. IHM,

    False alarm (not to mention hopes!).



    Haath ko laga, mooh ko na aaya! :-D

    Thanks for hoping though. You must not allow us to have any such pretensions though.


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