Thursday, December 25, 2008

Terrorism: 2 Faces

I want to slap pakistan right now. Does anyone know a non-violent way to slap someone?

We've given them so much proof, but their kayani, gilani, qureshi & zardari are trying word-play instead of sorting out the mess they've made?

The US, UK & the UN are all of the opinion that 26/11 was planned on pakistani mud. They've got World Opinion against them, they have a very upset neighbour (one to whom they've lost 2 wars), yet they choose the posturing route???

Listen up pakis: In India we have a saying for this muddle-headedness. Vinaash kaale, Vipreet buddhi.

Your time is up. You've got the taliban attacking you from the West, you've lost a leader to an assassination, you have terrorist camps inside your own country. Even if we don't finish you, I think you're perfectly equipped to do it to yourself. All the best. May you succeed.

I'd like to link to a brilliant satire on the spineless lizards who currently govern pakistan.

Imran Khan too seems to be in a hurry to get slapped. He expressed his support for the jamaat ud dawa, saying that they're an NGO who helped immensely during the recent earthquake. The same argument is used by the equally slappable hindutvis in India, who contend that the vhp & rss helped immensely during the gujarat earthquake! Does helping during an earthquake make you any less of a terrorist???????

Engineer MK Gupta loses his life, not to pakistani terrorists, not to misled Jihadis, but to his own countrymen. BSP MLA Shekhar Tiwari, who according to Times NOW coverage is a history-sheeter, is said to be behind the crime.
So how do we now ensure the security of our engineers?
Do we equip our engineers with guns for self-protection?

The question being asked (in the media & accurately so I believe) of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister mayawati is fairly simple:

Why did her party give a ticket to a history-sheeter?
The question I'm asking (of fellow bloggers) is this: Will maya now quit like vilasrao did? Or will she hang around like modi has been shamelessly doing?
Will India bay for their blood too? Or will political interest make us sacrifice our sense of fairness?


  1. You might like to read Quirky Indian's post about frilled lizards before attempting non-violent slaps :)

    About Imran Khan's support to social workers who occasionally plan terrorists attacks, they are our own brethren, they act just like us.

    Modi and Maya will stay for a while I think :)

  2. IHM,

    1. You have a link to give me?
    2. Isn't that what I said here?
    3. For the first time.... I hope you'll be proved wrong! Hope in India's Judiciary & Executive lies in that!
    3.1 Remind me to post about how change does happen. It takes time, but it does take place. Do you follow Indian Cricket?

  3. Quirky Indian is on my blogroll ... will leave a link.
    Yes I read and I agree.
    About Mayawati and Modi ... I never counted on Obama winning till he did.
    Don't want to be disappointed, but still I am daring to hope I am proved totally wrong.

  4. IHM,

    Read it. Well written. Thank you. I left a comment there as well.

  5. To be fair to Mayavati what she did after the murder was not bad.The MLA is in jail and is charged under non bailable National Security Act.The same thing cannot be said about Modi.Better not to jump the way our 'Free' Visual Media ask us to jump.

  6. Charakan,

    If she'd acted before he was elected, we may still have had a good man in our midst?

  7. just orchestrate a heinous crime where the left hand doesn't know what right is doing and grin from ear to ear. you have the recipe for a non - violent slap :)

    Indian politics will continue to shame us. If in UP MLA's kill ordinary people, Tamil Nadu is not better with Stalin and his cronies openly distributing money to win elections. A travesty of justice every which way you look.

    The concert continues with the educated middle class too complacent to go out and vote favouring a sugar coated dictatorship, like the development oriented Modi so that they can wash their own sins with more money and luxury.


  8. astralwicks,

    :-) Forget I asked that silly question.

    Yeah, but there is hope in the Anna Hazares, Teesta Setalvads, Dr. Manmohan Singhs of our world, isn't there? They need our support to go from a man to a movement! Right?

    This development thing I don't get dude... How can a sugar-coated dude (Naidu) not win in AP, but a PR backed dictator win in gujarat??? I don't believe for a moment that it is development. It's definitely more sinister than that!


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