Friday, December 05, 2008

Kerala CM Achuthanandan MUST GO!!!

BEFORE we do anything, we must ask for this crass, vulgar, disgraceful, insensitive brute to vacate the chair he thinks is his divine right!

How DARE he say something like this to the father & family of a Martyr???

He's shown the nation his absolute lack of class. He is unfit to lead. Show him his place! Take him out! NOW!!!

Where are all those lawyers from Bhopal, Indore etc. who were filing random PIL's for disrespect to the national flag??? Are they going to take umbrage & act now??? And it they won't, can we?

Can we petition the commies to show some spine please?

This post first appeared on the Mutiny in exactly this form, but the edit team there felt differently about it, so it's now available there in a new bottle.


  1. If there is one person who has NO BUSINESS to be there it is this one. The more I hear of them the more angry I feel. We can feel less helpless, we can at least make a beginning by making Electoral Reforms? I know this may not be the perfect solution, and we must use the option of adding our comments to convey that, but let's support the one right that will entitle us all, EACH ONE OF US to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE

    (trying to link...)

  2. IHM,

    The link thing is working.

    The sad news is that 49-0 is apparently a hoax! Read what Shekhar Gupta has to say in the Indian Express today!

  3. This petition is NOT about 49-O!

    Yes the link thing is working :)

  4. Not this petition. I was referring to your posts on the topic. Just thought you'd wanna know.

  5. You probably already do, keyed in as you are...!

  6. Now this 49-O confusion, should not become an excuse to stop trying to do anything about any reforms :)
    That will be so sad!

    This is one time when we can TRY to make some changes - or at least try to make people, the middle class - vote and register and generally be alert and involved.

    Only thing is, it does not say anything about re-elections, but it does give you a right to Neutral Vote - IF the reforms are implemented.

  7. Sure! Sure! Anything for reforms of any kind!

    I'm not convinced though, about how different it is from not voting at all?

    Can't we just say that if voter turnout is less than 50%, the election is cancelled. For one...

  8. Okay,
    1. When you do not vote at all, you don't know if your vote is being used by someone else. Proxy voting is VERY common :(

    2. If the turnout is less than 50%, one can blame it on indifference. If you have the option of Neutral voting, you can vote even if you HATE all of them - this won't be called indifference.

    So we find, if nothing else, Neutral vote brings down proxy voting and is one excuse less for indifference.
    I think that's a good start :)


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