Wednesday, December 10, 2008

kya contradiction hai...

Some people get it, while some others just don't get it.

Funnily enough, in this particular case, a so-called non-Muslim gets it, while a presumably avowed Muslim doesn't.

Edit 1:

And then she goes & blows it!!! I wish she'd clarify her urge to criticize. Is it born out of a desire to reform? That's the only excuse I can understand for criticism.

What will stop these people from arguing over religion in these times??? (Inke beech ka faasla kaun kam karega?) Have they learnt nothing from the rest of the nation? What will it take to unite them? More of the same? Such a shame...! I'm itching to help them merge as one, but I'd said I'd refrain, so I will.

Edit 2:

However I'd also said that I would attempt to change the mindset of every religious conservative that I came across. (Read 1, 2, 3, 4). I'm therefore seriously contemplating writing to Adnan. Apparently Swati has answered my question on her blog. I will check that out shortly & come back with an update.


  1. It's funny because it goes against your pre-conceived notions of people/religion.

  2. I like Shah Rukh Khan's attitude and now also Salman Khan's too. I was surprised to read so many commenters condemning him for showing respect and courtesy to another religion. I wish these guys would speak up and talk to the common man about tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
    Now I am not sure you will agree with me here ...

  3. You are leaving Mutiny?!!!
    I hope this blog remains!
    No email address here!?

  4. keffir...

    Ghar aaye mehmaan se tammez se pesh aate hain, isliye
    , I'm being forced to be polite to you...

    If you just admit that you know very little about me or my notions of people/religion, talking to you will be so much easier & less acrimonious.


    My Mother's take on this is:
    Muslims in India have greater opportunity to get exposed to Hindu culture. They therefore understand it a little.
    Hindus don't have an equal opportunity (as there are fewer Muslims, so less chance) to get the same kind of exposure. So a lot of them are totally in the dark about the culture & the religion.
    Depending on the talk of a few vested interests is hardly the way to get to know a people...

    Yes, I'm going off the Mutiny.
    This blog should remain.
    I'll email you from my ID.


  5. What other reason is there for it to be "funny" if not because of your pre-conceived notions? Tumhare jaise bahut dekhe hain.

  6. kuffra...

    Mann nahi bhara lekin, aisi maloom hota hai...! :-D

    Beti, sach toh yeh hai ki tumne mere jaisa koi abhi tak dekha hee nahin hai.

    That explains your interest.

  7. I haven't 'clarified' on my blog. It will merely help you see why I say what I do...hopefully.

  8. C'mon Swati,

    Point me to a few passages & links. Will save me time. Why go around in circles when we can get straight to it? :-)


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