Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is there a difference between them & us?

Consider this:
  1. pakistan refuses to convincingly ban the jamaat-ud-dawa.
  2. it refuses to bring lakhvi, dawood, the memons etc. to justice.
  • India refuses to ban the rss, bajrang dal, vhp etc.
  • It refuses to bring advani, modi, katiyar, bajrangi etc. to justice.
What's the difference between us & them?

Maybe if we gave them advani & modi, they would hand over dawood & lakhvi? It's worth a shot. Maybe we would be shaming them into action? Or maybe we'd be leading the way, for them to follow?
The only thing is that advani & modi are not their villians. They're our villians! Living (sadly) on & polluting our soil! And yet, we cannot haul their arses to justice! HOW do we expect to get people living on foreign soil to justice?
Beats me!


  1. You know, you could go the "Rainbow Six" way. Get a squad of well-trained operatives to infiltrate the border, and 'off' those guys. Your government will deny any knowledge of what happened.

    Remind me to re-purchase MGS3 - I broke mine. :(

  2. I can sense a lot of bitterness in this post.

    Pakistan is cornered by their own terrorism. A Frankenstein grown beyond all control, like all Frankenstein are wont to do. I don't think Pakistan can control it now. It will destroy the creator (and all neighborhood) if it is not handled with a lot of caution.

    I liked what a blogger described as a "Diplomatic Squeeze' that is the only way to handle this situation. This is no time for foolish war cries, and I am glad we have a sensible PM at a time like this.

    I totally understand your angst at Modi, Advani not just roaming free, but also fighting elections after having caused so many deaths in the name of religion.

    I am never able to understand how and why are some people still supporting them. And they quote Gandhi when they talk of violence!!!

    But know that there are many, many Indians who prefer peace and harmony to violence and cruelty. They are moderate, they do not rant, rave, blog or even bother to air their opinions, but they all plan to vote.

  3. Hi, do you think handing over Mody, Advani will make the counterparts see the light of reason and make them review plans of unfurling the flag of the caliphate?

    They are not fighting the Indian presence in J&K. They are against the idea called India - largely Hindu - who are, in their not so humble opinion, subjugating the rights of the Muslim minority who ruled over the land mass for some centuries.

    Do you think India is training militants to go over into Pakistan and kill them.

    I don't think Pakistan is the country where the supreme court of Indian muslims is Head Quartered.

  4. Shadowrunner,

    :-) THAT's EXACTLY what I was thinking. I was thinking of going the Israel way. Go in quietly, pick out the guys we want, bring them back here. Put the entire operation on TV. Embarass them & in the process get justice as well. Israel does THAT ONE THING well!


    Diplomatic squeeze won't work as well as what Shadowrunner & I have in mind. Otherwise we need UN sanctions. No aid to Pak. No business with them. No visas to them. No oil. THAT's called a squeeze!!!


    (Horrified): You sound like a regular Islamophobe in your first two paras!!!

    Assuming that pakistan has plans to re-establish Mughal/Caliph rule over India is as provable as my claim here!!! Isn't it???

    I think you missed my point. Please re-read the last para of my post again.

  5. Maybe if we gave them advani & modi, they would hand over dawood & lakhvi? It's worth a shot.

    Hmmm....why do you think Indian Muslims are Pakistanis? What other reason would be there for handing over Advani and Modi to Pakistan? Or are you saying Babri Masjid belonged to Pakistan? You must be out of your mind!

    Looks like the "left" has a pretty low opinion of Indian Muslims (as implicit in your comment), but does its best to hide it.

    Lagta hai kuch logic lagaana bhool gaye, likhne se pehle.

  6. I expected your horrified reaction. Just as you call a spade a bloody shovel so do I. I will never vote for the BJP or Modi even if God (I am an atheist) comes down and recommends him and the party.

    But the opposite of what you hate is not buying my love either. In this case Congress and the Commies. They are tolerable on some issues that's all. Going with the lesser evil as they say.

    Sorry for digressing. Coming back to your last paragraph - Pakistan expects India to hand over Advani and Modi to them because they have committed injustices against Muslims - and the state of Pakistan is convinced that India, a Hindu majority nation will always suppress the rights of the minorities and based on the 2 nation theory, based on religion and cultural differences, they do not expect any justice for them in India.

    I might be wrong, but until evidence is presented to the contrary, I will stake that Pakistan as a secular, democratic country is only the wet dream of a disillusioned liberal-Indian or otherwise.

    It is indeed shameful that a host of Indian politicians have escaped even censure forget convictions for the vast crimes they have committed. That doesn't mean that we have to send them over to a banana republic to set the scales of justice right.

    India will succeed together or fail together.

  7. kaffir...

    1. Why don't you change your nickname to correctly reflect your behaviour. Try d***head.

    2. You too need to read & understand properly what I have said in my last para.

    3. Left? What left? You really don't tire of being wrong do you? Please read the achyuthanandan post before you adopt the jumping to conclusions approach to exercise.


    You still didn't get the last para???

    Let me explain: I am saying that those guys are not their villians! They're our villians. They've violated our laws & our constitution. That's why the onus of punishing them lies on us!
    What is so difficult to get in there???

    And for the record, I am in almost total agreement with your analysis of pakistan.

  8. You still didn't get the last para???

    Let me explain: I am saying that those guys are not their villians! They're our villians. They've violated our laws & our constitution. That's why the onus of punishing them lies on us!

    Have I proposed otherwise?

    What is so difficult to get in there???

    I have lost you here like a dimwit.

    Your suggestion of shaming them into action is 'kaabil-e-taarif' but in the realm of impossibility if we are honest about it.

    1 more thing. Dawood, Shakeel and a host of others are Indians.

    They can start the process of building confidence by sending them over. But in all probability this too is an impossibility.

  9. astralwicks,

    I think we've both lost each other somewhere. I think we can let it go. We seem to be on the same page.

  10. I say, Bring back POTA, Add a zillion more provisions to it that enables the cops to keep a suspect hung by his toe nails over a blazing oil rig till he confesses - even if it took twenty years (180 days is too less for a proper investigation) AND THEN book Advani for conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi.

    I kind of like that 'Guilty until proven innocent' approach. He was let off ONLY because he had the right to be called innocent until proven guilty. Let him cough up some evidence to prove his innocence.. I'd LOVE to see that.


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